Let me start by telling you my name Trinidad C all my friends call me (Trini)

Let me start by telling you my name Trinidad C all my friends call me (Trini). I am 57 years Young. I have been a Neothinker since 2000 and I have been working Neothink since that Time. I want everyone to know that myself and many in my group have spend thousands of our own money to fight for our rights. We believe in Neothink and Mark Hamilton. I would like you to know Now what it means to me.
I see Mark Hamilton as one of our true fathers of wanting to built a strong Nation. Like Danial Boone, David Crockett, George Washington, Jefferson and so you get the point. Mark is giving up a lot by putting himself in the line of fire. Like the others that I have mention they gave up their family life and time so others can benefit from hard jobs that they did and now Mark Hamilton’s mentoring and hard and devoted time to bring us his teachings will be doing the same.
I have change since reading Marks writings and I feel better now than I have in the past 47 years. Why, because my thinking has changed. Thank you Mark! His writings has made me become a different person and I have become what I was meant to be and fulfill my purpose on this world. I hope that this Testimonial will tell the readers what and how Neothink can help you on your reason for giving you the reason for picking up the literature and reading it for yourself. Please excuse my writing and spelling I am not a writer.

Love Trini C


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