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Technically the Government will not be able to own real estate which includes Parks, How will this be handled in a TVP Government?

Twelve Visions Party’s Statement: …With the Prime Law in place, National and State parks will be sold to private industry. Free market dynamics will determine the proper maintenance, up keep and use of these properties.

Is it government’s responsibility to regulate age restrictions?

Twelve Visions Party’s Statement: …Government has no business forcing people who have not broken the Prime Law to do anything, no matter what age.

There will no longer be government issued marriage licenses. How does this affect the rights of married people vs unmarried people?

Twelve Visions Party’s Statement: …Marriage will no longer be regulated by government. Free market business will rise to fill the demand for more efficient marriage contracts and better ways to solve marriage disputes.

What and where would the Prime Law assist you in your local state government’s attempt to become taken over by the Federal government?

Twelve Visions Party’s Statement: …Under the Prime Law the sole purpose of government is to protect people from initiatory force. Prime Law will make state vs. federal power obsolete. Government agencies will function in unison to eliminate all initiatory force. Any individuals within government who commit initiatory force will be held accountable.

How will Prime Law change the situation with fuel/electricity amounts and distribution?

Twelve Visions Party’s Statement: …The free market without government intervention will produce safe, efficient, and non polluting alternatives at ever lower costs.

It is clear that there will be no minimum wage laws after the Prime Law. How does society ensure proper wages and employee rights without laws?

Twelve Visions Party’s Statement: …Under the Prime Law, the government will not decide what people are paid. Only the employers and employees can decide or negotiate business arrangements. Free market organizations will fill the need of making sure employees are dealt with fairly.

Currently most jurisdictions of building code enforcement are government entities. Do building codes fall under the protection only purpose of government? If not, how would buildings be guaranteed as safe?

Twelve Visions Party’s Statement: …Free market interaction between the consumer, building contractor, and a private inspection service will ensure the proper and safe design and building of structures.

How will these type of sectors of the medical/business industry be influenced by Prime Law and how will a free market affect the people who are opposed to them?

Twelve Visions Party’s Statement: …There will be no more government intervention to hold back the medical industry from researching and developing new products and procedures and bringing them to the market place.

How will this industry change from the Prime Law being put in place?

Twelve Visions Party’s Statement: …The Prime Law dissolves government child services and allows the private sector to move in and discover ways to make child services profitable and more efficient than they are now. This dynamic will ensure that children receive the best health care, education, housing and safety.

What should the consequences be and/or how should they differ from adults?

Different levels of offenses should have different consequences. Full context for each individual situation should be considered while evaluating both the age of the offender and the degree of the parent’s involvement in the situation.

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