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TVPNC Officers On Neothink Radio May 9th 2010

TVPNC Officers On Neothink Radio May 9th 2010

The Prime Law & The Twelve Visions

Understanding the Prime Law

It’s up to us, as individuals to make the effort to personally integrate with the Prime Law in order to live in accordance with reality. The whole reason the TVP is introducing the Prime Law in the first place, is for it to govern us- flaw filled man. Not the other way around. There is no interpreting of the Prime Law. We are not governing, or managing the Prime Law- the Prime Law is to govern us. And we are morally obligated to integrate with it.


The Prime Law is universal law. It has existed for as long as consciousness itself has existed. It is the way of complete free-market capitalism- where people, on their own accordance, freely interact with one another as sovereign individuals.


You don’t need to be studied in the profession of law and litigation to fundamentally understand the Prime Law. The Prime Law is not up to debate or interpretation. That would just be the same old political rhetoric that we all hear every day. For example, we are not debating the prime law with this discussion. What we are doing is learning how to integrate with it. The Prime Law is axiomatic. It needs no interpretation. It is what it is: No Initiatory Force. Either we abide by it, or we don’t.


Initiatory force means initiating an action towards someone else that is harmful, dishonest, or wrong. When some one or a group initiates force, then it is morally justified to use force back in order to defend one’s self. This use of force is not initiatory. It is using force to defend life.


Also, it’s important to know the difference between harmful, dishonest, or wrong actions that are imposed upon another individual, and those that are imposed upon one’s self. We may disagree with harmful actions in general; however ultimately, no one has the right to force another individual to stop harming them self. 


Understanding the Prime Law means knowing ourselves completely, and knowing exactly where we stand in any given situation. That means we cannot just assume that others see things the way we do. And because of that, a huge amount of self responsibility is needed in order to protect ourselves from force and fraudulent situations.


Often times in interactions where dishonesty is involved, we can only cut our losses, step back and introspect on how and why we ultimately put ourselves in that situation. Many times we are hurt and feel the urge to “get even” or make someone feel the hurt we do. This simply shows a lack of self responsibility. The urge to “get even” or to have revenge is fine as long as it’s just an urge. However, if it is acted upon with some kind of force, then the Prime Law is broken. And even though there are ample opportunities for us to be infringed upon, even when we are simply minding our own business, the value of self-responsibility is still paramount.


We must define what the Prime Law is. That is, use our own minds and make the conscious effort to figure out what the Prime Law means. We must identify the illusions in our thinking. Eliminate the altruistic concepts that we’ve all been conditioned with. We must pay close attention to the words and phrases we use, because, sometimes we intended to control or to subjugate those who are listening. This is a microcosm of initiatory force and needs to be weeded out of our minds. Actions like these are the physical movements of defining the Prime Law. No one can do this for us. It takes direct conscious effort. We must each individually put forth the effort to find out what the Prime Law is- fundamentally and irreducibly. After all, we are the ones taking it to the masses.


We are sovereign individuals. No one has divine right over another. No one has the right to initiate any force or to impose their will of change onto another. Controlling people like that is simply neo-cheating. However, controlling people without using mysticism, that is, influencing them through value, such as what Mark Hamilton is doing with us, is the essence of free trade and the Prime Law. In this context, both parties are in agreement and understand the terms of the interaction. This is equal value exchange, and is the essence of a free society.


Here are four important points to help understand the Prime Law:


1) The Prime Law can only exist in a completely free market society. Therefore, the Prime Law can be enlisted to create that free society where business-like interactions between people are based only on value exchange.


2) In the instance where two people are exchanging equal values, they are still individuals and each have a different level of overall personal value to society.  The only context in which one person is of more value than another is by comparing the amount of value each individual has created independently.


3) A common altruistic philosophy during value exchange is that the person who has created less value should be sacrificed to the other. This is a false doctrine. Only equal value exchange is the rational basis of free enterprise.


4) If no contract is enlisted, and one party decides to stop trading values with another, then the value exchange is simply lost. The value exchange is simply gone …ultimately to the net loss of all humanity. Without a contractual agreement, no individual is obligated to continue trading values with another. It’s simply a personal choice.


Of course, we are social beings. We derive happiness by interacting and putting values into society. Acting against our nature only results in a spiral of death. Neo cheaters exist by riding that spiral of death and drawing others into it. Still, no one has the right to initiate force. The whole purpose of our movement is creating the conditions of complete freedom. The SOS and the Twelve Visions Party are steadily delivering the supply to meet that rising demand; and of course, at the same time, we are creating that demand. By nature human beings are rational and honest. Therefore, by logic, humanity needs to be in a rational and honest society. It is our destiny to fulfill our purpose of building happiness by creating this fully rational and honest society.


The prime law is simple. No initiatory force. Respecting people’s individuality is the key to the Prime Law. As long as no initiatory force, fraud, or coercion has been committed, people must be left alone. If we wish to interact with them, it should be done in a manner that is conducive to free market dynamics- (the trading of values.)


The Prime Law guarantees these conditions by utilizing the proper use of courts, jails, and prisons. And as the TVP grows and gains more legitimate control, the term “proper use of courts, jails, and prisons” will keep evolving until one day we no longer need any of them. Until then however, the Prime Law will force courts and law enforcement agencies to use full context honesty in their actions, finally giving everyone a fair shake in regards to people who break the law.


With the Prime Law, initiatory force is rejected by everyone. It means that the concept of “no initiatory force” is enforced by everyone. Embrace the Prime Law. Embody it and communicate it to others. And it will be here sooner than we think!

The Prime Law in other words.

What does the Prime Law mean to you?

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