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The following excerpts come from the publication, “The People’s Party Manifesto. A Future of Wealth Belongs To You, by Mark Hamilton for use in developing our planks for the TVP. There is no specific order to these items other than they run from beginning to the end of this publication. It is strongly recommended that you acquire this book for your personal use. This writer did take the opportunity to include The Twelve Visions Party as a premise for our use in the future.

Presented by GP-WI

“…50% of voters are a little more politically inclined around presidential election time. They may ask…

–          How will you boost the economy?

–          How will you reduce the budget deficit?

–          How will you handle the trade deficit?

–          How will you help the poor and the homeless?

–          How do you propose to care for the old and save social security?

–          What are your views on health benefits?

–          What is your position on foreign aid?

–          How important to you is funds allocated to medical research:  AIDS, cancer, and heart disease?

–          What is your plan to improve public education and deal with illiteracy problems?

–          What is your plan to stop crime and drugs?

–          How much funding power would you give to regulators of the environment?

–          What are your views on abortion?

–          Do you feel pornography should be censored?  Flag burning?

–          Do you support the feminist movement?

“…what I am doing is not the inner chess game of politics; it is the outer reality of society…society is simply the people… and holding back all society from explosive progress holds back each person within that society…”

“…our politicians push down society as a result of an irreversible flaw: re-election fever… Driven by re-election fever, they pass more and more laws and litigation to gain recognition, glory, and popularity.  But all those laws and litigation create more and more lawyers and lawsuits that strangle the progress of America’s business and technology.  Our government exists for two purposes:

–          1) To protect the people

–          2) To enhance the well-being of the people (to serve the people)…”


“…Career politicians were never in their lives involved with running a business and are not competent at spending money over any substantial length of time…”


“…Our politicians love to soak up the glory and importance that goes with spending money.  But those costly programs and growing government debt have gotten America into serious economic problems.  By taking all those programs away from our politicians and giving them to competent market businessmen who will make the programs work, our government will reduce all its debt and our taxes will fall in half…”


“…Phase One—the first transition—is called The Great Replacement Program.  With market businessmen voted into the current government structure, they will clean up the mess—especially all the programs designed to help the people…”


“…The Great Replacement Program will put market businessmen into our government who volunteer a few years off from their business careers to help their country. They are motivated to bolster the economy.  And they know how to make spending accountable—they know how to save the programs designed to help the people before those programs collapse:  social security, welfare, health benefits, social services, the homeless programs, our educational systems, AIDS research, heart disease research, cancer research, and so on.  Those market businessmen are experts of making spending accountable. The Great Replacement Program is the first transition, Phase One…”


“…The market businessmen will get in and rescue those programs.  As they move those programs into radically different, totally effective self-sufficient programs, those programs designed to enhance the well-being of the people will begin breaking off from government where they do not belong and into the hands of private market businessmen where they do belong. This will begin Phase Two of the transition called The Great Displacement Program .  Taxes will fall more than half as the taxpayer is relieved of those deteriorating programs.  Government spending will fall more than in half.  The budget deficit and growing debt will be cured…And, the needy will be safely card for…”


“…The Great Displacement Program simply means displacing all the programs that our self-aggrandizing politicians have started that fall under the second purpose (the erroneous purpose) of our government—to enhance the well-being of the people…every new market businessman voted into office will immediately put a halt to the festering expansion of laws and litigation being generated from Congress for our politicians’ own popularity and re-election power…”


“…All the questions and problems of our government will be cured.  Taxes will fall in well over half.  Government spending will fall in half quickly.   Not long thereafter, taxes and the government spending out tax money will go away entirely as the new government structure becomes totally self-sufficient…”


“…our politicians suppress society and squeeze us into stagnation traps as a result of three character shortcomings:

–          1) Greed—self-serving re-election fever.

–          2) Incompetence—business inexperience and basic laziness.

–          3) Envy—deep=rooted resentment with destructive motives.


CHAPTER 1       


“…There is only one type of person who can make society go up—go up and up like that of Japan, Germany, the United States and beyond! Their only savior is that rare and gifted person who can build a business or expand a business to provide jobs and money.  He is a hard-driving person who brings jobs to those people and food to their tables.  He is the starving people’s knight in shining armor: the market businessman…”


“…He is very different from the rich businessmen who work hand-in-hand with the government.  They just drain companies, and they drain their people:  political businessmen.  They are lazy… people work harder and harder for less and less pay.  The market businessman is different.  He is a very hard-working who builds jobs, builds the prosperity of his company so that the people get better pay…”


“…The hard-working market businessman is the only person who can move society up for everyone.  Only the market businessman moves society up to increase the wealth and opportunity of the people.  Your key to wealth and opportunity is:  more and more market businessmen.  They can take over and become our leaders!  They can build our society…”


“…Why is he a threat?  Because, he is a hard-working person who brings wealth to the people.  He can and should be our real leader, not the rich leaders today who drain the people.  You see, the purpose of our government is to serve the people, but to serve the people means to increase their wealth.  So, only the market businessman really serves the people…”


“… So, in the United States we have finally called the bluff:  We have put together a new political party of market businessmen…our heroes who build your wealth.  The name of the party is:  The Twelve Visions Party.  The new started in the United States, is becoming an international movement.  The Twelve Visions Party is your one great promise to wealth as the market businessmen build your economy and build your wealth to that of the United States and beyond.  The new political party is everyone’s answer for a wealthy future…”




“…Sinking poverty is caused by the same phenomenon all over the world.  That poverty phenomenon is caused by parasites.  You see, two fundamental groups of people live in this world:  the parasites and the workers…”


“…The Workers:  All people who put more into society than they take out, from the hired hand to the founders of great empires…”


“…The Parasites:  All people who take more out of society than they put in, from the petty thief to leaders of great countries…”


“…Both groups of people have leaders:  The workers have those who lead the way at bringing prosperity to society—our market business leaders.  The parasites have those who lead the way at draining prosperity from society–our current political leaders…even in America, the parasites with their leaders just keep relentlessly eating away the economy toward proletariat poverty and far below.  Wherever you look in the world, the degree of poverty is totally consistent with the degree the parasites’ leaders—the politicians—limit the economy.  For example:


Western Europe versus Eastern Europe

(Politicians limit the economy less in Western Europe than in Eastern Europe)


Japan and the Asian-Tiger Countries versus China

(Politicians limit the economy less Japan and in the Asian-Tiger countries than in China)


North America (minus Mexico) versus Central and South America

(Politicians limit the economy less in North America than in Central and South America)


“…For the people to rid ALL poverty, bad standards of living, economic stagnation and decline—they must unite behind The Great Replacement Program. The people will vote out the parasites’ leaders and vote in the workers leaders…The Great Replacement Program is a worldwide movement…”


“…The Great Replacement Program will replace those who are causing poverty, bad standards of living, stagnating or sinking economies—the parasites who most hurt society’s success for all the people….”


“…The most leveraged parasites to replace are their leaders—today’s politicians.  Today’s politicians enable parasites to exist in: 1) government, 2) big business, and 3) society…”


“…1) In Government:  First, the politicians enable their countries’ governments to be filled with parasites, with lazy people with easy, parasitical lives.  The bigger the government payroll of lazy bureaucrats grows, the poorer the country.  The people are the host who must pay for the parasites…”


“…2) In Big Business:  Indeed, the politicians around the world are the parasites’ leaders.  They enable their countries’ big businesses to be filled with parasites, with lazy executives with easy, parasitical lives.  The politicians provide them with cushy advantages, easy money, handouts, government- created monopolies.  The political businessmen ride off the hard efforts of the workers below them, just as do the huge government bureaucracies and their leaders—the politicians…the politicians trick the naïve public into believing the market businessmen are evil, greedy, unfeeling people—bad people—who must be controlled, stopped, and punished…and that only the politicians can protect the public from those bad people…”


“…3) In Society:  And finally, the politicians around the world even enable the parasites to exist in society itself.  For, poverty causes lack of jobs and opportunity, which causes crime and freeloaders—causes parasites—among the proletariat.  The greater the number of elite parasites in government and big business living off the workers, the lower the income for the people and the greater the poverty for the proletariat…But, poverty and the resulting crime, unemployment, homeless beggars, welfare families—the parasites in society—would never occur if the country were prosperous and full of opportunity for everyone…The elite parasites at the top take away the people’s standard of living and happiness.  The low-life parasites at the bottom take away the people’s safety…”


“…The purpose of a government—to serve the people—means to build their standard of living and their wealth, no drain it…”


“…To build the economy thus the wealth of the people—to serve the people—requires building the business of a country…the more politicians in a country, the worse the economy and standard of living of the people. The Great Replacement Program will put people in our government who can build the economy for the people…”


“…the ostensible job of government besides to serve the people is to protect the people.  Today’s politicians—fakes and frauds—cannot serve the people by building the economy.  So, politicians must create someone whom they will protect us from in order to justify their worthiness to us and hide who they are themselves …the destructive people of society whom we must protect the people from.  So, our politicians trick us into believing that they must protect us from the market businessman…he who builds the economy…”


“…Ordinary people do not know how the economy works.  Therefore, we are vulnerable to the leaders’ trickery.  The leaders mislead the gullible public into believing and accepting their deceptions…from the “economic crimes” in which China puts market businessmen to death to their distant cousin “white-collar crimes” in which America puts market businessmen in jail…”




“…America should be far ahead of all other countries, leading the way for the rest of the world into new realms of prosperity.  The standard of living should be far above any other country, and the adults should be more wealthy than those in any other country…more wealthy than the Japanese…every American adult should be driving a new Cadillac and living in a quarter-million-dollar home!!!”


“…Who the hell is responsible for our sinking economy?  The economy of a country is controlled by those who control the laws, i.e.,the lawmakers and those who carry out the law shape a country’s economy.  Our politicians (making our laws) and our legions of private lawyers (carrying out those laws) are responsible for this sinking economy.  Something is seriously wrong in America…”


“…we must look no further than our politicians and lawyers to see exactly  what will leave many of us jobless over the next decade and all of us less prosperous:  Incompetence—First, stop to think, who is qualified to lead our country to economic prosperity?  The correct answer is: those who build the economy…Our politicians and lawyers know as little about business as they do about construction–Greed — Personal greed is the other half of the problem…as America’s economy sinks, the number of lawyers multiplies.  And they thrive as our economy suffers and falls.  What is wrong with this picture?”


“…As lawyers multiply, get rich, and thrive, America’s economy sinks and our friends and relatives lose their jobs.  Could it be that lawmakers feed off our economy?  Could it be that lawmakers develop laws that enable growing swarms of lawyers to feed off the economy—to feed themselves by suing and draining businesses for big paydays, which in turn drains and destroys our long-term economy?”


“…Consider that the more lawyers who use a particular lawmaker’s law the more power and popularity that lawmaker gains.  Indeed, more lawyers mean more power and popularity for our lawmakers, our politicians.  Now consider that more laws (sound or specious) mean more lawsuits—more food for more lawyers, more lawyers to get rich while bringing more notoriety, power, and popularity to our lawmakers, our politicians…That cycle of greed eats away America’s economy and your future of wealth that rightfully belongs to you!  The time has come to end that cycle of greed and to collect your future of wealth, which should be by far the greatest future of wealth than in any other country.  Let’s wake up to reality!

 “…Our politicians today are not public servants.  They are career politicians:  those who invest their entire career in politics.  So their ambition, naturally, is to become more popular and powerful in their careers—in politics.  They have developed self-serving agendas based of greed and are no longer interested in justice and what is best for society and the economy…America has twenty-five time the lawyers per capita than the #1 economic power in the world, Japan!”


“…So, how do we quickly reverse this perverse situation?  Consider that without food, the lawyers starve, the economy booms, and you can sit back and grow wealthy!”


“…The time has come to replace our career-politician lawmakers—that is, those who throw food to swarms of lawyers in order to gain political power.  We must replace them with those truly qualified to lead America’s economy—that is, those who build the economy:  our entrepreneurs and successful businessmen who really care about the health of our economy.  Only they bring us jobs.  And only those business leaders can lead us through the storms of international competition.  Only they can build the economy to rapidly rising prosperity…our sinking economy demands that we replace our current lawmakers with those who build the economy, not drain the economy.  Here’s what you must do:   “


“…ACCEPT THE GREAT REPLACEMENT PROGRAM – a nationwide call must be made to business leaders and entrepreneurs asking them to devote themselves to public office for one term.  For, they benefit the economy, save our jobs, and know how business and the economy works.  The time has come to put competent leaders in Congress…If the busy business leader takes a few years out of his pressing schedule to serve America, then, he truly is serving us and giving a sacrifice to society.  Today’s career politicians, by contrast, make politics their careers and are not really out to serve the people, but are out to serve themselves…”          


“…The Twelve Visions Party (TVP) will only accept candidates who build the economy:  true job creators, job securers, and job enhancers for society—entrepreneurs and successful businessmen who build our standard of living.  The Twelve Visions Party is the first political party in which a candidate cannot be a career politician and cannot be a lawyer.  Never before has the expression serve the people been understood.  The only way to serve the people is build their wealth…”


“…Vote for those entrepreneurs and business leaders who run under The Twelve Visions Party—those who will serve you.  Only they will lead America to the top of the world again and continue rocketing America into brand-new realms of prosperity.  Only they will bring a rapidly rising, wealthy standard of living to the people…”


“…Working and unemployed Americans, put those who bring you your jobs, those who build our economy, into office. Let them lead us, the American people to economic prosperity.  All of the world will follow.  Unite with your family and friends—all unite behind The Great Replacement Program…America should lead the world.  We, the people, demand future prosperity over hardship!  Unite with all your buddies—unite for a future of wealth greater than any other country in the world!  And if you know a successful entrepreneur or natural business leader, have him/her contact The Twelve Visions Party for service to our country.  We, the people, demand an end to this cycle of greed that hurts America. 




“…PROBLEM #1- Professional politicians are concerned first and foremost with their popularity and political clout for re-election…”

“…SOLUTION TO #1- Must dump money/power motives—must dump politicians who make politics or law their careers.  Re-election (political-power) Motivated: money (legal-power) motivated…”

“…Re-election fever has turned politics from a public-service sacrifice into high-powered, self-serving money-power careers…”


“…PROBLEM #2-Career politicians stay in politics for life. When not serving office, many are rich lawyers thriving on their bountiful laws and litigation. Others are wealthy inheritors; others live off campaign donations.  Aside from the unnatural lawyer phenomenon, most of today’s politicians never worked a job no less ever ran a business.  Yet, they shape our businesses and our economy with their laws…our leaders must know how business works to lead our economy against growing global competition…”

“…SOLUTION TO #2- Must dump career politicians – must dump leaders who make politics their lifetime careers.  They are incompetent leaders who know nothing about running a business and shaping an economy—must champion leaders who sacrifice a few years from their business careers to serve the public…”

“…PROBLEM #3-The incompetent career politician inherently envies the competent market businessman…envy is the desire to destroy someone better than oneself.  The market businessman inherently threatens to take away our career politicians’ self-serving political careers…our incompetent envious congressmen and senators become destructive:  They specifically develop laws and regulations to stop thousands of tender youth from rising into market businessmen…envious congressmen and senators hamper and strangle our American businessman, increasingly making American commodities an uncompetitive laughing stock against international competition—from cars to computers…”

“…SOLUTION TO #3- A new trend must be established in politics—super-competent business leaders with a deep desire to serve society for one term must replace clownish career politicians with a desperate need to serve themselves for as many terms as they can get re-elected.  That trend must happen soon in both the Democratic Party and in the Republican Party…the self-made business leader knows the importance of a good economy and puts that first in his priorities, thus is society serving, not self-serving and destructive like career politicians…”

“…Career politicians burning up in re-election fever must be replaced with self-made business leaders interested from deep in their hearts in serving society.  That must occur in both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.  To push over the first domino and start the trend, a new political party has formed that accepts only successful self-made business leaders who volunteer a few years of their lives to be public servants to our country.  The new political party is called:  The Twelve Visions Party…”




Life is so precious…we have only a little bit of time.  In all the infinity of time before we were born and in all the infinity of time after we die resides this little bit of time we have now.  During this flicker of time, we experience all the happiness that we’ll ever know in all the eternity…”

“…This precious time, our one-and-only chance to experience our happiness, is so very brief.  We don’t see the short time we have because of the open extension from our grandparents to our parents to ourselves to our children and our grandchildren.  Sometime during our youth, our grandparents die.  Sometime when we’re adults, our parents die, and then comes our turn. A time will come when we die. But our children keep living and our grandchildren keep living.  Life goes on, so we don’t sense the closed nutshell of time that we personally have…the short time that we have to experience all the happiness we’ll ever know…”

“…Realize the importance of super happiness during our brief time and our loved ones’ brief time here.  What a tragedy if our happiness were being taken from us.  How unacceptable if our leaders did treat us in a way that our happiness can flourish.  Yet, I see super happiness only two times in people’s lives:  I see it in children; I see that promise of youth, the beaming face and wonders about when “I grow up, and I control my own life.”  Yes, I see super happiness in children.  And I see super happiness only once after they grow up — their one last hurrah:  I see super happiness in adults only once…when they are falling in love.  I see all the promises of youth, the enthusiasm, the excitement, the promise of a fairytale romance.  I see all that fade when we grow up.  That all gradually gets replaced with stagnation, boredom, and estrangement.  Why?  And remember, life goes by in a flash!  If we miss out now, we forever miss out.  We have this brief time to feel super happiness, but most do not.  Dreams die, love does not last,  romance fades away, ambition and happiness get replaced with disappointment and emptiness as we grow into our 40’s, 50’s, 60’s.  We just grow old and less and less enthused and more and more lonely, and we wonder: What happened?  Suddenly life has passed us by in a flash.  We feel we missed our opportunity at living…”

“…never forget the importance of happiness right now for yourself and those you love.  For, if we are not aware of feeling happiness every day right now, then as we grow older we begin to wonder, “Did I miss something?  Or is this just the way life is?”  Then when we grow old and we’re alone, loneliness and quietness sets in, and we realize how short life was.  When I was a child, I thought there’d be so much, but now, there’s so little.  Did I miss out?  My only one time, my one chance, did I miss out?”…

“…Today, in America, we are losing happiness far before we know what is happening—decades before the economy collapses at which time everything becomes obvious.  People in America do not know what is happening.  But, go to the mall and observe grown-ups’ faces.  Yes, Americans lose their happiness, excitement, dreams, and love.  Unknowingly losing our happiness, we miss out on life – miss out on our one and only precious time in all eternity….”

“…I am saying that our leaders are not treating us right.  I’m talking about our big-business leaders as well as our government leaders, if we trace back to the roots of our country, back to the people very differently than today.  The founders of our country were genuinely concerned about society and about the people’s happiness.  They were so concerned about it that they fought with their lives for our happiness.  They fought with their lives to lay the roots for the greatest society, the happiest society in the world for generations to come.  They were genuine.  They fought oppression, and they fought with their lives….”

“…Similarly, the founders of America’s big business were also very heroic men.  They brought higher and higher standards of living, greater and greater values, and more and more jobs to society.  Those founders of our industrial empires—the Henry Fords, the Thomas Edison, the Andrew Carnegie, the Harvey Firestones—worked hard and long to create great companies out of nothing. They created incredible values that never existed before.  They made everything happen and generated incredible values, jobs, and economic prosperity for the people through relentless efforts, single-handedly building their companies’ momentum.  They alone had to make their companies work…”

“…Those incredible men built a great and flourishing society for generations to come.  But what happens after generations pass?  The companies become very prosperous and begin running on their own momentum….on the momentum established by the founders generations before.  And what happens?  Those with great wealth, great prestige, and great power who sit on top of our big businesses today become lazy.  As time goes on, big business becomes staid, cushy, bureaucratic and corrupt.  At the beginning, companies relied on the hard efforts of the founders to survive…”

“…And that laziness and dishonesty is also true, as we all sense, in our government. Our congressmen and lazy bureaucrats sit on top with all the power of the greatest nation in the world, and they merely ride the momentum.  They’ve become lazy and dishonest.   They have all the power. And they’ve grown lazy and corrupt over the generations since our original founders.  Watergate is nothing compared to the corruption that goes on today…laziness combined with power leads to corruption.  We all sense the corruption,.  We all feel it; we all know it’s there, but we just don’t know how it all comes together to rob us of our happiness.”

“…Lazy and dishonest people with power are a fraud, which leads to corruption…we the people, must make up for their deficits—their drain on society!”

“…someone has to pay for our leaders’ deficits.  The victims are you and I…we pay with our happiness…”

“…As identified by philosopher Dr. Frank R. Wallace, society breaks down into two fundamental classes:  A working class—the class of people who put more into society than they take out, which enables society to grow, to prosper, to propagate, and enables your children to have a better standard of living than yourself, and so on.  And then there’s another class of society:  the parasitical class—the class of people who take more out of society than they put into society.  …The workers and the parasites are the two fundamental groups of people in all societies…”

“…The working class is traditionally associated with the labor class, the proletariat, the blue-collar working man…the labor class and the blue-collar worker makes up the bulk of the working class—the body of the working class…”

“…throughout history, something vital has been missed in understanding the working class.  In fact, communism cut it off, which killed the working class in those countries.  The former Soviet Union cut off the head to the working class.  The head of the working class consists of people in management and in the upper echelons of our businesses who put more into those businesses than they take out, which enables the businesses to prosper, to grow, expand and bring more jobs and better jobs—better standards of living—down to the body.  The head serves the body—feeds the people, the working class and the blue-collar laborer.  The head brings them jobs and raises their standard of living.  …The market businessman is the head of the working class…”

“…The head to the working class serves the people and should be our leaders.  We must bring the head and the body together through The Great Replacement Program …”

“…Now, let’s look at the parasitical class.  You have a body to the parasitical class, such as criminals, thieves, con men, freeloaders, undeserved  welfare recipients…people who take more out of society than they put in.  The body makes up the bulk of the parasitical class that drains society.  The upper echelons of politics and bureaucracies are filled with the parasitical class.  The parasitical elite serves the body—feeds those who drain society…”

“…First, you must understand where happiness comes from and how we can build it or lose it.  I wrote a book on this called “Happiness Forever”, and I go into detail on where happiness comes from.  In short, how do you get and build your happiness?  The answer comes by making an observation:  First, look at the parasitical class.  Look at thieves, at undeserved welfare recipients, or at our congressmen on TV.  And you’ll see, when you really look at those people, that there’s no happiness and no potential for happiness in those people.  And those people remember, drain society; they take more out than they put in.  Now, look at ordinary working-class people.  Look at the laborer, at the blue-collar employee, at the entrepreneur.  Although their happiness is being suppressed, you’ll still see their base of happiness and sense their potential for unlimited happiness.  Those working-class people put more into society than they take out…”

“…People who take value from society have a base of unhappiness.  Put who put value into society have a base of happiness…the long-lost key to happiness, the meaning of life, is merely putting values into society.  That brings you happiness.  You see, man is a social animal who lives together in a society.  What brings man happiness is the pride and knowledge that he’s putting value into that society.  The more value he puts into society, the more pride and the more happiness he feels inside.  Putting value into society is the long-lost secret to life.  …How do you get your happiness?  By putting more values into society.  How do you build your happiness?  By putting more and more values into society…by enabling society to grow and become more prosperous, your feelings of pride and happiness grow…”

“…College education leaves a person specialized, trapped in one set future…”

“…When you graduate from college. You’re trapped: one life, one future, one set of responsibilities for the next 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years.  And now, whether you went to college or not, the workplace puts you in a specialized job, a stagnation trap…a routine rut. You’re caught.  You’re caught in one routine rut with the same set responsibilities that you have to do everyday, year after year.  This specialization stagnation trap cuts you off from putting your own creative values into society, cuts you off from expanding value production; this cuts off your growing happiness…”

“…This specialization stagnation trap that cuts off your happiness all goes back to our leaders…out leaders unknowingly shape society into these stagnation traps…they specialize your education, jobs, society.  They trap our lives.  Our education specializes us into one set future.  Our jobs lock us into one routine rut.  And our leaders keep us there.  My book, “The Alternative”, shows how our leaders do this and how to break free of their specialization stagnation traps…”

 “…How do you break free from these stagnation traps of society?  Well, man of course, is gifted with the greatest mind in the universe, and he’s capable of something called integration.  Integration is the opposite of specialization…”

“…To grow, become more successful, and put more values into society – thus, build more happiness for oneself – requires integration not specialization.  Specialization just puts us in stagnation traps…whether we’re white collar or blue collar, we’re all caught by specialization in stagnation traps…”

“…What is that formula for growing happiness?  That formula for growing happiness is building greater values for society.  If you are specialized and cannot put more values into society, then you have no growing happiness.  Without growing happiness, then boredom, stagnation, emptiness will creep in.  Your enthusiasm for life, love, and happiness fades as you grow older…

“…Providing jobs is the greatest value to society…”

“…All the lazy business executives want the integrated thinker out…”

“…One person with integrated power threatens every lazy leader…”

“…Only a hard-driving integrated thinker like the original founder exerts the necessary energy and effort to keep his company dynamic, competitive, growing, and full of opportunities – through building his company’s momentum instead of riding it…Laziness, not a thought-out conspiracy, creates the specialized workplace…”

“…The executives above you at work subconsciously do not want to encounter an integrated thinker…they only want your body.  They want you to come to work, be quiet, be good boys, do your work, go home.  They don’t want you to rise up: they won’t listen to your initiative: they won’t give you any opportunities.  The reason for that is: they don’t want you rising up!”

“…Integrated knowledge in integrated thinkers threatens our leaders in government as well as in big business…”

“…integrated thinking is our only way to put more and more values into society – our only way to build our happiness! …During our little bit of precious time in all eternity, we should experience only super happiness.  To have our one shining moment in time ruined by our leaders is sad and tragic…”

“…Specialization is an age-old trick of lazy people with power…”

“…Our leaders create deceptions.  We are all being deceived.  But we are stuck in specialized thinking and cannot see through the deceptions…”

“…There’s one major deception to remember:  the parasitical elite – our lazy and inept leaders of the land, our politicians – imply that everything they do is for the public good.  But that is one, ongoing major deception.  As the parasitical elite, everything they do is not for our good, but for their own good – their own parasitical existence, their own lazy existence…”

“…They have this little circus going on, building their deceptions, getting voted for, building their deceptions against others…but they are all the parasitical elite draining society.  They are draining your happiness…”

“…A Golden World awaits us – a world you always wanted, but never found.  You belong in that world of super happiness.  Remember when you were in your youth, and you felt that life had so much to offer…so much wonder and excitement, happiness and romance to behold.  That wonder and excitement, happiness and romance is all in the Golden World.  And the Golden World will happen as our current leaders  — the parasitical elite – are replaced with our rightful leaders, the head to the working class – our market businessmen who raise everyone’s wealth and opportunities. The Great Replacement Program will happen through the rise of the Twelve Visions Party…”




“…our economic problems all reduce to one thing – our politicians getting attention for re-lection.  They get attention in two ways:  Re-election Vehicle #1) The more bills they introduce and more laws they pass, the more they build a name for themselves…America for example, has twenty-five times the lawyers per capita of Japan, enabling Japan to easily outcompete American business.  The attention-seeking politicians are piling up legislation and regulation, which strangles our economy and wipes out jobs…”

“…Re-election Vehicle #2) The other way politicians get attention for re-election is through spending money…The attention-seeking politicians are piling up government debt, which also strangles our economy and wipes out jobs…”

“…There is only one way to solve our economic problems and prevent repeat recessions…we must replace our career politicians, who only seek attention for re-election…”

“…a movement called The Great Replacement Program:  Competent, successful people with careers outside of politics who want to devote a few years to their country will be organized to run for office – as republicans or democrats…just so long as they have a legitimate career to go back to.  That way, they are not re-election motivated…”

“…those competent people interested in serving their country and not in attention for re-election will put forth the intense effort that goes with competently spending money, making our spending programs fiscally sound.  Once those spending programs become sound, they can begin breaking from our government and falling into the safe hands of well-run private institutions – which will be called The Great Displacement Program.  Our taxes will fall in half; government debt will disappear and no longer drain our economy.  Our future will become a future of wealth…”

“…The Displacement Program…

“…We have something very powerful here. It’s called The Great Replacement Program, an international movement spreading throughout the world.  The Great Replacement Program will replace our current leaders who are the parasitical elite, head to the parasitical class, with our future leaders who are market businessmen, head to the working class…”

“…Two classes of people exist in society:  the working class and the parasitical class.  The working class consists of people who put more into society than they take out, enabling society to grow and to prosper and flourish.  The parasitical class consists of people who take more out of society than they put in, draining society toward recessions…”

“…The head to the working class:  entrepreneurs and market businessmen in the upper echelons of business who put more into their businesses than they take, which expands jobs, builds the economy, and raises our standard of living.  The head to the working class builds the wealth, opportunities, and happiness of the people.  The head to the working class, entrepreneurs and market businessmen, will become the future leaders of all countries around the world through The Great Replacement Program as they volunteer for political office under The Twelve Visions Party…” 

“…The body of the parasitical class consists of criminal, thieves, undeserved welfare recipients, freeloaders.  The head consists of lazy people with power: in the upper echelons of society such as political businessmen, lazy executives riding their companies’ momentum, politicians, most lawyers, many media giants, and many bureaucrats who drain society…lazy people with power…”

“…We’re fooled by a deception…”

“…Our leaders have shaped our society into a specialized society, shaped our education, shaped our jobs.  We go to school get an education, and we are specialized.  In fact, the higher we go in our educational system, the more specialized we become.  As one goes from high school to college to graduate courses, the more specialized he becomes – funneled into highly specific areas of knowledge such as accounting, engineering, computer programming.  So highly specialized by education and trapped by his job, he is unaware of what goes on above him in business and in government….”

“…Our education does not teach us how to integrate the whole spectrum of business and success…”

“…We are specialized by our leaders to remove the threat of exposing their hoax as a fraud…But, if you learn integrated thinking, then you begin to put together all aspects of the business:  the marketing, the operations, the accounting, the cost structures.  You begin putting it all together and understanding how the business works…like the entrepreneurial candyman…”

“…you’re a threat if you learn integrated thinking…you become a threat to the leaders…So naturally, the leaders of our big businesses today suppress integrated initiative to keep our jobs specialized…”

“…The original founders and the small percentage of the working- class head encourage integrated thinking…”

“…We pay with our happiness, and we pay financially…we the people, paying for our leaders, for those parasitical elites’ drain on society.  But far more important, we pay with our happiness by being suppressed into a specialized rut – a routine rut. We are caught in specialization traps – routine ruts.  We live in a specialized society, caught in a specialized job.  Happiness gets replaced with stagnation, boredom, resignation…”

“…Why is the person in the parasitical class unhappy at his core?  The working-class person puts value into society.  He feels the pride of doing that. The reward is happiness.  The parasitical-class person takes values out of society.  He does not feel good about that inside.  The penalty is unhappiness…”

“…The secret to happiness is actually very simple:  it’s merely putting values into society.  Man is a social animal.  He lives together in a society, and to bring values to that society brings man pride and happiness.  Now, what builds happiness?  Being able to move beyond a routine rut and bring more and more values to society builds pride, happiness, and rewards…”

“…Putting more and more values into society requires integration…”

“…Let’s say you begin integrated thinking, your success begins growing, you begin bringing more values to society, hiring more people, creating more jobs for society.  What happens?  All of a sudden, you find that you’ve got problems with authorities, government authorities, local authorities to federal authorities…”

“…Entrepreneurs live in fear of government authorities.  Indeed, as rising entrepreneurs move into integrated thinking, they become a growing threat to expose the hoax of the leaders, both the parasitical elite big-business leaders and government leaders…”

“…When you’re ready to move ahead, you can’t do it.  In your 20’s and 30’s, you concentrate on many aspects of life including falling in love, getting married, purchasing a home, and raising a family.  A good paying albeit specialized job to meet your financial needs may be good enough.  But as you grow into your late 30’s and early 40’s, you begin to want to do more…everyone is paying with their happiness…”

“…in America, we enjoy a fairly good standard of living…we are blinded from what is really happening.  And that goes back to the core of each person…your happiness is suppressed.  You can’t bring more values to society:  you’re stagnated!”

“…Suddenly, we’re old, and it’s all over…and it went by so fast.  We missed out…”

“…-Miss out on what?  Happiness – that’s why we’re alive.  Miss out on super happiness, super happiness!  In all the infinity of time before we were born, and in all the infinity of time after we die, only this brief flicker of life that Grandma said went by in a flash…That’s all the time we have to experience everything we are going to experience, to feel everything we are going to feel.  So during this time, we should feel super happiness, not stagnation!  This time is everything for us – this is our one and only time.  For anything or anyone to interfere with our happiness, or to suppress it or to hold it back or to keep it from being what it could have been during our one and only time in all eternity to feel happiness…for anyone or anything to take that away from us is unacceptable.  Yet, that what’s happening…”

“…When you see life outside yourself – see what a nutshell we live in – then you grasp the importance of super happiness, right now.  For that nutshell not to be filled with super happiness is a sin…is a crime to life.  Yet, our happiness, is taken away by our leaders, big business leaders and the leaders of our land.  And we do not even know it!”

“…The Great Replacement Program will remove the stagnation, for it will remove the specialization of society.  The resulting Golden World will release the suppression of your happiness and of your finances.  Politically created recessions that we all pay for financially will vanish.  Our taxes will fall in half as we clean out the parasites and their self-serving agendas in our government…”

“…Would America really rise up to great new realms of prosperity and wealth for the people, and would ordinary people really rise up with new opportunities and discover great new realms of happiness and excitement? …By removing the parasitical-elite leaders totally, 100% through The Great Replacement Program, America and her people will experience a quantum leap into new realms of prosperity even greater than the leap from Red China to Hong Kong!”

“…We’re also going to discover more love and romance!”

“…you need happiness to feel love.  If you’re an unhappy person, you can’t be romantic and have a happy relationship…”

“…first, where does happiness come from?  …Happiness comes from putting values into society, from value production.  Now, where does love come from? …Love to a woman is value reflection, reflection of all she holds as valuable in a man…love to a man is value reflection…”

“…Happiness is putting values into society – value production.  Love is value reflection.  The more value production and happiness, the more capacity for value reflection and love.  To feel romantic love, you cannot be a stagnated person…”

“…For the ordinary person caught in a stagnation trap, though, boredom forms, and he cannot carry on a romantic-love relationship…”

 “…Our happiness has been cut off through our specialized education, jobs, and society.  Therefore, our capacity for lasting love has been cut off…”

“…Our leaders actually cut off our romance.  We feel the special feeling and enjoy its sweet celebrations for only a few months.  You know, we’re here for such a short time; you would think that during that short time we would feel this super happiness and the sweet celebrations for the entire little bit of time that we have in all eternity.  But we feel the sweet sensation of intense love for only a fraction of our time; just for a few months, then the sweet celebration of love begins to fade.  It fades with our happiness as stagnation sets in…”

“…It’s not your fault that it goes away. It’s the parasitical elite – our leaders – who stagnate us…we have got to break out of those stagnation traps…”

“…Envy is the desire to destroy values.  There’s only one group of people in civilization that feels real envy, and that’s the parasitical class.  Indeed, the parasites drain society and could not exist on their own.  They must have a host, the working class.  The parasitical class is the inferior class of society.  Feeling inferior, the parasites feel envy toward the superior working class.  They feel a desire to destroy the working-class values.  And the more successful a working-class person, the more envy the parasitical-class person feels…”

“…The parasitical class is the inferior class of man – so those people feel envy toward the superior working class.  The envy grows as the working-class person’s value to society grows.  The greatest value one can bring to mankind is job creation. Therefore, envy is most intensely targeted at successful entrepreneurs and leading market businessmen…this envy targeted at business and successful businessmen is the fingerprint of the parasitical class.  We can see that envy, regardless of how good their deceptions sound…”

“…Now this envy teams up with the need to justify themselves and create a so called “need” for themselves.  This illusion of importance brings them political popularity and power.  We can’t see through the deceptions…”

“…We fall for the deceptions because we’re too specialized.  In reality, politicians trump up some specious self-serving laws, some white-collar “crime” laws or some environmental “protection” laws that hurt the economy so that those politicians can gain popularity and political clout…”

“…We’re too specialized to see through the “compassionate,” “concerned,” good-sounding deceptions…”

“…Realize that it is easy to attack, and it is hard to build…there are two paths to self-esteem.  One is a legitimate path:  that’s the hard and slow process of building values for society.  Then there’s an illegitimate path:  that’s the easy and fat process of tearing down values in society…”

“…To see through the deceptions and spot the parasitical elite is difficult for the average specialized person.  But to spot the fingerprint of envy is easy, no matter how specialized we become.  Indeed, the zealous approval of punishing or destroying a business or market businessman – is the unmistakable fingerprint of envy found only in a parasitical soul.  You can identify your enemy – the enemy of society – by spotting a trend:  If statements keep bubbling over that are anti-business, then, behold the enemy… Down deep he or she …1.)  Hates business; 2.) Feels good when business fails; 3.) Wants government to be hard on business; 4.) Wants harsh punitive damages put on white-collar “crimes”; 5.) Gets a sense of thrill to see businessmen or businesses destroyed; 6.) Supports union attacks on business; 7.) Supports crackdowns in the name of the environment; 8.) Wants criminal punishment for honest business mistakes…”

“…Our politicians make more and more specious laws that strangle the market businessmen and kill our economy.  And many bureaucrats establish their bureaucratic careers on regulation – a free ticket to attack!”

“…Now, you might say, doesn’t regulating provide a value?  ‘Yes it does when you pay for that service.’  In other words, when regulating is a free-market service…”

“…Once laziness becomes institutionalized like in our government, the leaders no longer put out the effort to provide a value…”

“…No, our government leaders – head to the parasitical class – don’t put out the effort to provide genuine values for society.  So, what do they do?  They weave the deception that they provide genuine values for society, but they actually destroy values in society.  They weave a deception that the market businessman is bad and needs to be controlled.  With that deception, the politicians and bureaucrats have created their “value” – protecting us from the dangers of the market businessman.  Thus, all their activity of creating laws and regulations that control business now appear as values.  But, only a deception, they must ride off the working class through forced taxation and must push down the working-class head through forced regulation.  No real values provided, both must be done through force – not through volunteer payment…”

“…Regulation has become a free ticket for our government leaders to go into the envy-driven attack mode…”

“…To go up in today’s parasitical government requires pushing down the working-class head…pushing down entrepreneurial business, pushing down values, pushing down society itself into a stagnated specialized structure…”

“…All people do whatever they do in their jobs to promote their careers.  So people who are in this attack mode attack to promote themselves…People who build values, on the other hand, innocent people who build values build values to promote themselves…”

“…The working-class head provides jobs and builds the economy…the leaders of tomorrow, build values for society.  They build our economy and our standard of living for their livelihoods!”

“…The real man using effort and building values does not need to build a false self-esteem with glory and power.  He already has genuine self-esteem and needs no glory and power like politicians or other bureaucrats.  Thus, he never attacks others…”

“…Remember, our leaders are shaping our society into specialization by this attack mode.  You know, the purpose of government is to serve the people and to protect the people.  Regulating, controlling, and attacking citizens and their businesses, is government sour?  Our leaders are attacking those who break into integrated thinking…because they can expose the hoax.  That attack on the working-class head suppresses, discourages, and holds back all of society from integrated thinking and from rising up into new realms of prosperity…”

“…But first, let me tell you how the parasitical elite build the deceptions that rob the people of life.  Our leaders use true facts to build out-of-context pictures and form the deceptions they want.  They leave out the other facts that would dissolve the deception and build in-context pictures…”

“…Using true facts incomplete and out of context, anyone create villains out of heroes…”

Realize that lazy leaders with power must make themselves appear as good and prestigious while hiding that they are the villains of society.  They do that through a deception that makes truly good and prestigious people appear as villains by using true facts out of context.  The fakes – our parasitical-elite leaders – then “rescue” society from those created villains and become “our heroes”…”

“…You cannot put together the hoax and see through the deceptions because you are too specialized.  So you must instead spot our enemy’s fingerprint – ENVY…Specialization keeps the upside-down attack mode deception alive.  So, spot the envy…the attack on business and market businessmen – our enemy’s fingerprint.  Only the parasitical class feels envy…”

“…Remember the two fundamental classes of people:  1.) The working class – meeting the essence of a human being; 2.) The parasitical class — defaulting on the essence of a human being, thus an inferior class that envies the superior working-class person…”

“…The more values one puts into society, the more the inferior parasitical elite envies and wants to destroy that person…also, the more earned prestige is available to steal…”

“…The greatest value to society is job creation.  Job creators make up the head to the working class.  Politicians and bureaucrats most want to regulate, control, attack, and jail the head to the working class – the job creators.  We suffer the consequences…”

“…No one above us encourages us:  they all discourage us…”

“…Our major problems today, ranging from AIDS to the weakening economy exist because of dishonest politicians and destructive bureaucrats promoting themselves through the attack mode, which shuts down businesses and jobs as well as technological advancements in medicine…”

“…Millions of lives are lost every year so that a small clique of file-building, promotion-seeking bureaucrats in the FDA can keep their deception of looking important and needed…”

“…Our government exists to serve and protect the people, not to regulate and control the people and their businesses…”

“…Once we throw the parasitical class off our backs, including the leeches in FDA, the medicine will combine with science and business to race forward like the unregulated computer industry…race toward definitive cures for fatal diseases, including slowing the cellular degeneration process called aging!  Yes, after The Great Replacement Program, we will soon live longer lives – longer lives to enjoy our new-found happiness, wealth, and love!”

“…But first, you must want to live longer.  Most people do not care about living longer because all their enthusiasm, dreams, romance, excitement has faded and been replaced with boredom, disappointment, estrangement, resignation.  All seems like a loss at the end, so it’s easy to let life go…so lonely and disappointed at the end…”

“…We grow up:  our childhood dreams fade and die; we lose hope, grow old and die.  The tragedy is so awesome that no one grasps it – the tragedy is too big.  But what if after we grew up our childhood dreams not only became reality, but those dreams turned out to be far more exciting than our naïve children’s minds could have ever projected?  And what if we discovered such intense love and super happiness that we never wanted to die?  What if we wanted to keep living so badly that we lived far longer?”

“…That incredible excitement comes true in the Golden World after The Great Replacement Program takes place.  Great wealth, excitement, romance, every single day and night comes to all society as prosperity and opportunity springs up like a jack-in-the-box.  Until then, most of us will die without ever knowing wealth, prosperity, and romantic love…”

“…The FDA leech class is safe as long as The Great Replacement Program has not occurred through the rise of The Twelve Visions Party.  The FDA leeches can continue their pot-stirring, fishing expeditions to regulate and hamper progress and keep their lazy livelihoods and self-esteem “fixes”.  They commit the worst crime on society.  They cause death by the millions…all to create a “need” for a few lazy bureaucrats!”

“…Like the recent collapse of communism, The Great Replacement Program  and man’s ascent into the Golden World is inevitable.  For, reality eventually must prevail – what is best for the people must occur.  Our new leaders will be the market businessmen who serve the people.  They will build the economy, thus build our wealth.  They will open doors of new opportunity for us within our rapidly rising society of prosperity.  And they will help bring together businesses like E.I. Du Pont with science and medicine to lead us to rapid cures for diseases and to help us slow the process of aging.  Then, we will enjoy that super happy world for a long, long time…”

“…despite being specialized – spot those parasitical people!  Their envy bubbles over; they cannot help it!  Break their currents!  Start your own currents – currents of the workers of the world!  Currents of honesty!  Spread the word.  Withdraw emotional support of the parasitical-elite leaders.  Unite with your loved ones and friends behind The Great Replacement Program.  We will replace the elusive parasitical-class head with the working-class head – our genuine leaders who serve the people.  …They will build the economy and the wealth of every American citizen.  Then the whole will follow…”

“…Talk to your loved ones and friends to start the deception-free currents of honesty.  The entire working class, 80-85% of our national population, will soon rise!  We will all rise behind The Great Replacement Program.  We will all rise behind one great force:  DUMP THE PARASITICAL ELITE!”




“…Your wealth can increase in two ways:  One way is to go out and make more money.  The other is to “sit back” as society’s standard of living rises around you…”

“…The greatest leverage for increasing your wealth actually comes through that second approach:  through the wealth of society, the standard of living around you, rising.  You see, when the standard of living of society rises, you’re tapping on all the strength and all the numbers and power of millions of people of an entire society.  One’s leverage is far greater when tapping society than when doing something all by yourself…”

“…It’s too tough to do it yourself.  It’s much more likely to happen through the numbers and power of society…”

“…And that is why The Great Replacement Program is so powerful for the people.  With those who build society leading our country in place of those today who drain society, the wealth of the people will rise dramatically…”

“…Realize that America is the greatest country in the world.  There’s no better place to be, no greater potential than right here.  And America is like a jack-in-the-box, waiting. America’s just waiting to spring up into a new realm of wealth and prosperity that the world has never seen.  And when America springs up, it will take everyone with it.  It will take the poor; it will take the blacks; it will take women; it will take the minorities; it will take everyone up with it!  America will take all the rest of mankind around the globe up with it!  But America is being held down. America is being held down by our leaders. There’s a lid on our society…”

“…Another world awaits us – an explosive world of great wealth and prosperity in America.  A fascinating new world of wealth, prosperity, opportunity, and happiness awaits all Americans – including the working class, the blue-collar laborer, even the poor, everyone…”  

 “…Good people who make an honest living fall into two categories.  Most of us fall into the first category:  you go to work, and you do your set routine, day after day.  You do your specialized responsibilities…”

“…The second group is a smaller group of working class individuals.  These people have broken free of the specialized routine rut, the set of specialized responsibilities.  These people are rising fast.  They aren’t rising slowly; they aren’t rising with slow promotions and doing the same set of specialized responsibilities year after year.  Instead, they’re rising rapidly in their companies…”

“…They get more and more of the business; they get bigger chunks and take bigger bites of the business, a responsibility from here, from there, and from over there.  That integration of responsibilities pushes them up as they master growing chunks of the business…”

“…These fast-rising integrated thinkers are the rare market businessmen who build the prosperity and jobs of the companies they work for…”

“…Entrepreneurs also fall into this second category of good people who make an honest living, from small-time entrepreneurs right up to millionaire entrepreneurs.  These people have broken out of their set of specialized responsibilities.  In order to make money, to make their business succeed, they are pulling in responsibilities from all over, handling everything that’s necessary to survive…they’ve moved into integrating responsibilities – integrated thinking…”

“…For one of the good working people to break free and rise up through integrated thinking is rare.  Most of us good working people are trapped under a lid above us.  But market businessmen and entrepreneurs – now, they’re beginning to integrate; they’re beginning to learn how business works…the market businessmen and entrepreneurs are discovering, “Hey, I know how business works!”  And then as they grow and take bigger and bigger bites of responsibilities, they realize, “Hey, I’m learning how the economy works.  I’m learning how society works.  …Aha, hey, I’m beginning to learn how government works.”  Unlike most ordinary, good working people, market businessmen and entrepreneurs begin to know what’s going – the dishonesty, laziness, and corruption in our government…”                    

“…As they rise up, they learn more and more about what’s going on in the powerful upper echelons because they’re integrating more and more of the world around them.  They become a threat to our parasitical-elite leaders – a threat to our lazy leaders with power and their corruption, dishonesty, and laziness.  Rising market businessmen and entrepreneurs begin to expose the hoax of our politicians…”




“…Now, remember what happiness is and how we get happiness:  Man is a social animal and lives together in a society.  To be happy, a man must contribute to society, must put values into society and help society flourish.  The more values man puts into society, the more pride and happiness he will feel in return…”

“…Since the day we walked into school, we were shaped and specialized by our leaders.  We weren’t taught in school how to do integrated thinking.  Integrating is the key to putting more values into society…”

“…To rise up, we must learn to integrate.  We must learn integrated thinking…”

“…Happiness is value production:  love is value reflection.  When a woman falls in love, she sees the values that she holds important in her man:  value reflection.  When a man falls in love, he feels all his accomplishments, all his strength reflected back to him from his woman:  value reflection.  If our value production is cut off through stagnation traps, then our love, our value reflection is cut off also.  As we grow older, we grow bored, unhappy, and unromantic…”

“…Two ways exist to earn more wealth:  One way is to come to MH and learn integrated thinking.  The other way is to sit back and support The Great Replacement Program…”

“…We’re here for such a short time.  In all the infinity of time before we were born and in all the infinity of time after we die, we have just a little bit of precious here to feel everything we’re ever going to feel. Why should we feel romantic love for just a few weeks or a few months?  The special feeling should be there every day for every remaining years of our lives…”

“…Our government is a breeding ground of madness.  Have you felt the growing insanity?  When you watch the news, you can feel the madness.  A new bill, a new law, or a new regulation introduced every day…all in the name of “public good”:  to stop the drug war or to save the planet or to end white-collar “crime”.  But those bills, laws, and regulations are taking away our human rights as Americans.  Anyone who follows the news or reads the paper feels the growing madness, this insanity.  You read about all the lawsuits, the punitive damages, the crap!”

“…Our government is sick, mentally and physically…the issues are cloaked in deceptions, one deception-cloaked issue after another. The deceptions, are being built by our government, one after another, and the deception-cloaked issues never stop.  Issues are endless…”

“…The deceptions are strategically designed by our leaders for self-serving agendas.  To deal with the problems issue by issue is a waste of time…we’ve go to get down to the disease, not try to treat the symptoms as they come out…”

“…When we get down to the disease, to the psychological and the physical disease in our government, when we cure that growing disease of madness, we must go in and find the nest where all this insanity and madness is breeding and destroy the nest. Then all the issues will be forever pure…”

“…for, law is just a big bloated game of chess – it has nothing to do with justice or values…”

“…About half our politicians are lawyers, and all our judges are lawyers.  “Daddy” – our government – takes care of them financially as they play their “superior smart” games of accumulating power and prestige.  The money is always there.  If “daddy’s” money is always there, they can play these “smart” games.  They can, for instance, continue to introduce more and more bills that become part of the legal house-of-cards, done for their own political clout and popularity for re-election while making America less and less competitive on the world economy.  They can be “smart”, be “superior”, create all this activity and “need” for themselves through the attack mode and never really work to build genuine values for society…”

“…Those incompetent career politicians have no clue of the unavoidable nitty-gritty effort necessary to provide a value to society – from the job up to the entrepreneur who has to work hard to make a value so good for society that people want to pay for it…or go out of business…”

“…The working-class person confronts competitive pressures.  But government leaders have no competitive pressures.  In the government, the paycheck is just there.  Like daddy, it’s just there.  They don’t have to work hard to provide a value…”

“…The problems all begin when those people begin faking manhood.  Starting in college, the poppa boys do not grow up, leave the nest, get a job.  So they start to fake their manhood by becoming “smart” and looking important with the superiority complexes.  After they graduate from college, they still never grow up, never leave “daddy, and never get a real job.  So they continue to fake their manhood by looking important through the attack mode.  Indeed, their faking manhood and their superiority complexes become very dangerous when those poppa boys get power, as they become lawyers and politicians.  They exert their power and hurt the integrated business leaders – those they envy the most – at the cost of a declining economy for the people…”

“…Our politicians create those destructive laws to gain popularity and political power 00 all so they can look important and needed in order to fake their manhood!”

“…flaunting their power and faking their manhood.  Among gun-toting bureaucrats, you can see it – a macho-stud attitude…one bureaucracy:  the Immigration and Naturalization Service…the whole concept of stopping foreigners from immigrating to the United States to “protect American jobs” is an absurd deception.  America was founded on immigration.  Immigrants coming to America to work hard toward the American Dream are the most ambitious and productive people in the world, and they boost the economy…”

“…And the INS bureaucrats have total God-like power over those productive people – people the INS agents hate and desire to destroy, inferior parasites, the bureaucrats must fake superiority.  They use their false power to exercise their ”superiority” and their desire to destroy…”

“…Think of the IRS coming in and beating up people.  Ruining innocent lives, destroying innocent families.  Bureaucrats feeling big and superior are dangerous!  Big macho studs with big guns are granted life-and-death power, yet they harbor envy and desires to destroy the working man, especially the market businessman, …Poppa boys with superiority complexes now have power, power over us!”

“…The FDA, the FTC, the EPA, the SEC – the list goes on and on and on – bureaucrats carrying guns.  Why bureaucrats carrying guns?  Wait a minute:  The only people who should carry guns are those in our police force and in our armed services.  When did bureaucrats quietly start carrying guns?”

“…And last but not least, hiding away up there in their chambers are the judges, especially the elite federal judges.  Now those people are the ultimate daddy’s boys.  They were the poppa boys in school; they became lawyers, and now they’re judges appointed for life.  They confront absolutely no competitive pressures.  Those federal judges are supposedly the epitome of justice, but because they have no competitive pressures at all, they drift from objective justice.  They allow political agendas to enter their courtrooms…”

“…With God-like power over our lives, those lazy people with power a dangerous threat to every person they envy – all the working men and women, especially the market businessmen!”

“…Watch as the judge drifts from objective justice into ego “justice”.  Watch as the “epitome of justice” becomes the epitome of injustice.  Watch as he uses his power to strike down those he always despised…”

“…The one and only reason our federal judges can violate objective justice and cause all that harm is:  automatic money – it’s automatically there…”

“…to put value into society takes effort.  So, without building values, where all the activity encompassing their livelihoods come from?  It comes from draining values, draining society…”

“…Our parasitical-elite leaders do this through attacking the heroes of society – by making the precious heroes of society appear as villains whom our leaders must protect us from.  It’s their secret deception.  Remember, they use true facts out of context to fool us.  Ironically, true facts become their weapon to control us.  For, we can’t argue with true fact; they’re just incomplete and out of context.  But we’re too specialized to know all the facts and put them in context…”

“…Our judges, our politicians, our bureaucrats, and of course, our lawyers revolve around laws, laws that attack market businessmen and their businesses – their value-producing and job-producing mechanisms in our society.  Our politicians make those destructive laws; our bureaucrats enforce those destructive laws, and then the federal judges give power to those destructive laws.  Putting their dark emotions into their courtrooms, our federal judges harshly sentence innocent market business people who are “guilty” of some politician’s self-aggrandizing specious laws. We are deceived – we are tricked!”

“…Our parasitical-elite bureaucrats keep harming our economy with their regulations and we do not realize their harm to our jobs, our security, and our future prosperity.  Tricked by our leaders, we do not realize that our parasitical-elite bureaucrats move us toward failure.  Guided by envy, they never look back over their shoulders at the path of destruction they leave behind – destroyed businesses, jobs, and values…”

“…All the madness comes from faking it; that’s where all our problems come from:  your happiness being stagnated, your love lasting only a few months, your wealth being a fraction of what it could be, your life draining away quickly…this all happens because our leaders up there are faking it!”

“…As long as they have an automatic paycheck, no competitive pressures, they can fake…”

“…So, who is “daddy”?  Where’s the nest that breeds all this growing insanity and madness?  In America, the nest is found in one division one bureaucracy:  the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS.  Not the IRS itself.  Any honest business or any institution needs a bill-collection service.  Forced payment guarantees automatic money and allows our leaders to become lazy and fake it.  The Criminal Investigation Division is the nest that breeds all of the laziness, the corruption, the faking manhood, the madness, the insanity of our leaders…”

“…You see, by restructuring some things so services are merely cut off to deadbeats who do not pay their fair share of taxes, there’s no need to make the people criminals.  For, that’s payment under duress.  And forced payment provides unconditional paychecks for our leaders, which breeds laziness and faking manhood – the cause of all of our problems…”

“…The nest is the CID – the Criminal Investigation Division – not the IRS.  First, let’s say someone is a deadbeat.  That’s fine, as long as those he owes money to simply shut off his services, like the power company or the phone company or IBM.  He will get a bad credit rating, and then he’ll get no more service and no more credit.  That’s fine he’s a deadbeat…”

“…But what if someone were sincerely unhappy with the values being provided?  What if he just does not want to pay because he knows it’s not right…the value is not there, and he just doesn’t want to pay into that incompetence, ineptness, and laziness?  Well, what would happen?  If not for taxed collection, more and more people would begin legally withdrawing.  “Go ahead, shut off my services,” they will say.  More and more people would withdraw until genuine values were provided…”

“…If those people were not made into criminals, then there’s no problem because alternatives and competitive services would begin rising up.  With a rising demand to serve a growing, unhappy market, private entrepreneurs would very quickly provide all the same services.  Now the people will pay a competent market businessman for the services because now the people are happy with those genuine values…”

“…without the CID, there’s no more faking it.  For, people who are unhappy with the values, if they aren’t getting genuine values out of our government, they’ll simply withdraw.  Our government leaders would have to compete to bring us genuine values.  If not, they would have no paycheck…”

“…So now our leaders would have to work hard for the first time in their lives to provide us values.  For the first time in their lives, they would really exert effort to provide values to society…they have to earn it…”

“…All right, so we have found the nest.  And now, we must identify the hidden queens of that nest and lay the eggs of laziness, corruption, and dishonesty.  Are the hidden queens our politicians?  No, no, no – everyone already knows politicians are lazy, dishonest, and corrupt.  Are the hidden queens our bureaucrats?  No, no – people are too aware of the basic destructiveness that goes on in bureaucracies.  The hidden queens are found in the quiet chambers of our federal judges.  The federal judges give all the power to the CID.  Those queens of the nest could weaken the CID until the nest falls apart.  Our forefathers granted the Judicial Branch with power to stop growing government abuse.  Instead, the federal judges protect the nest – their own center of survival.  Indeed, the federal judges must find security in their nest…”

“…Only The Great Replacement Program and its new leaders can destroy the nest.  For. The working-class leaders build values for society and never need forced collection of money.  The leaders of tomorrow, the working-class leaders, will quickly abolish the CID…”

“… Who makes our law?  Politicians:  poppa boys who never had to provide a value in their lives – their money was always there from daddy in school to the government today…”

“…Who enforces our laws?  Bureaucrats:  macho studs with guns who just as soon spit on you than serve you…” 

“…Who gives the power to our laws?  Federal judges:  the ultimate daddy boys.  Those federal judges are supposed to be the epitome of justice but are the antithesis of justice…”

“…And finally, who provides the financial support for all this?  The CID:  goon squads, thugs, men with guns…”

“…Our forefathers established our government system in a watchdog fashion – The Executive Branch, The Legislative Branch, The Judicial Branch.  But what has happened?  Instead of breaking apart the nest that breeds growing madness, the federal judges protect the nest.  There’s no more watchdog.  No more watchdog :  they are all in the same family.  …Our system has slipped into one big incestuous orgy.  And what breeds from incestuous relationships?  Insanity, madness, mongoloid-like madness that we witness every day through the media!”

“…The Great Replacement Program will remove the need for forced tax collection and will naturally destroy the nest as our entrepreneurs and hard-working market business leaders provide greater and greater values to society…”

“…We can replace the whole rotten system with real leaders who will take us into the Golden World…”

This ends the excerpt from the People’s Party Manifesto, by Mark Hamilton.  I, George Pumphrey, the “encapsulator,” am thrilled to be a part of the future of The Twelve Visions Party and the doctrines set forth in this writing.  Albeit, there is much more to read, I encourage you once again to purchase a copy of this book in support of the worldwide change that is about to take place.  Thank you for your time and patience. Onward and Forward!

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