Mark Hamilton is the only person that has come up with a solution.

Hundreds of years ago a new world was sought to get away from ruling authorities, tyranny, repression, and have the freedom of speech and choice. This country was founded on free enterprise, pursuit of happiness and freedom for each and every individual.
Interesting hundreds of years later we have regressed back to the reason we sought this nation.
Freedom? Free Enterprise? Pursuit of Happiness?
For a serious rude wake up call try to start a business, the system in place right now is set up for you to fail! Go to the FDA and tell them you have a cure for cancer or anything for that matter, and see how much of a warm reception you receive.
Pursuit of happiness, the ways things are heading do you see happiness for yourself or your family?
POWER, GREED, and DISHONESTY have over powered this country. The Constitution has been amended to the point of losing its original purpose and meaning only for the corrupt to have control.
There is no logical answer or solutions except for heavier taxes to keep the population in dept so the corrupt can prosper.
The Corrupt, greedy, and power hungry will always slander, and try to destroy truth, and honesty.
The most important words of the Constitution are “For the People, By the People”. Not for the ruling authorities, the government, or its agencies, or religious leaders, FOR THE PEOPLE! The Constitution states if the authority is ever taken away from the people that it can be amended so that We The People have control and the right to Freedom, and the pursuit of happiness
The greed and dishonesty in this country is destroying our youth, poisoning are new born and devastating our dreams and aspirations.
Businesses are closing, the homeless are increasing daily, Countless foreclosure, and repossession, the door to this way of life has to be permanently closed. This is not an expectable way to live.
There has to be a drastic change in this country that makes sense.
Mark Hamilton is the only person that has come up with a solution. He has given us back the hope and understanding of how to resolve what has happened to this country.
His honesty and visions have helped us see thorough the deception, mysticism and control of the corrupt, with a vision of peace, freedom and happiness.
Mark Hamilton has the answer, and the only solution that will work. His visions have reawaken the dream and realization in all of us that we do have a purpose and reason to be on this planet to be happy, to create and to prosper.
WE are the ones that have fought and will fight to make this a free and prosperous nation once again.
Mark has planted the seeds and they have flourished by the thousands, and thousands more every day.
Ron C

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