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It is with great respect that I send to you my heartfelt opinion


Dear Mark,
It is with great respect that I send to you my heartfelt opinion of the work that you are doing to create a better tomorrow. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to read your materials, thus being neo-think and the twelve visions.  I honestly can say that I knew I was missing out and could not fully grasp the concept of life, love and happiness, when our society depicts the opposite.  I now understand many things that once before unclear.  I personally think that America and the world in general will benefit from your materials and therefore we will and can live in a productive society where there is a chance for truth, growth and happiness.  Please know that I highly respect all your efforts to provide the world with the opportunity to look at the truth of things and to take the blindfolds off that have been placed upon us for many generations.  I truly hope that America and the world will give this a chance and give mankind the opportunity to be free in mind and spirit once again.  Please know that I highly support, Neothink Society and all the work that will give true love a chance to grow to make better tomorrows for all mankind.  Wah-Quast Eh-roh-eh (Good Tomorrows) Janet G

We fully support Mark Hamilton


Hello Mr. Hamilton,
Ever since we can remember we have always had a problem fitting in. We left very early as teenagers to build a life together, she was only 14 and I just a few years older.  We have fought against being put in the box syndrome, either religion, the government system, the establishments, the parents, the employers etc… to name a few …
Neothink brought us such immense personal growth and supreme enthusiasm for life and we truly believe that Neothink has truly lifted us to an incredible experience of life and success.
We wish for everybody to find their FNE, their true calling in life as most people live in a wait and see experience/mode, they have a waiting attitude all their lives  just to be promised a non – existing afterlife, in the end .
Neothink and the Twelve Vision Party   makes you become all that you’re supposed to be including, Happiness and Freedom.
We fully support Mark Hamilton in what he is doing as well as Neothink and The Twelve Vision Party  to make this place a better World.  There is absolutely only good things happening with his approach.
Can’t wait to have the honor to meet you some day! .
With great respect, admiration, gratitude and Love,
Jacques & Linda

Dear Mark Hamilton


Dear Mark Hamilton,
I would like to step up and say how much being a part of Neothink and TVP has helped me be a better person and helped me find the true meaning in my life. I have just started to peruse my FNE that I had started when I was younger. It is a big step but I have made a way for it to open up to me more. I am so glad to be a part of all of this and plan to make sure that things are happening in the favor of what we have learned from all the great information and Neothink. It is with great honor and privilege to be a part of such a intelligent and creative group.
Renee M

Mark Hamilton, and his books saved my life


Mark Hamilton, and his books saved my life; with his Honesty/Love/compassion…  coming into my life at exactly the right time, because only a few months more would have been too late for me; I would have been too far, down the wrong road.  Now when I look back over this past year I can see the miracle that took place in my life and I can honestly say that without Mark Hamilton, Neothink and the Neothink Society and the TVP the twelve visions party I would not be here today. The lessons I have learned from Mark Hamilton, through Neothink and the Neothink Society have changed my life completely. To start with I have been searching for most of my life for answers to questions that you will not easily find anywhere; I was looking/searching for; the answers I knew that had to exist; I looked at & read all of the guru books on finding answers to the bigger questions of life and also many different religions and still I was always looking but never finding those ever elusive answers; all of the self help and positive thinking books were of little help as they were filled with half truths and misleading facts often times put out of proper context which actually makes them a little dangerous when you really don’t know what you are doing. I attended training seminars and listened to Guru training CD’s until I just could not possibly stand to hear one more; and then I listened too some more until I was on the edge of going mental and growing weary of the search for answers that were somehow still avoiding me. At one point in my life I decided that the answers must be hiding right in front of my nose; so, I made the decision to travel the world in my search (thinking that my current knowledge would reveal the information when seen from a different cultures perspective); so, I traveled from the United States to Russia, and Vietnam, and the Middle East and Japan and several other countries; I went on my world search thinking that a different culture would reveal those missing pieces of the puzzle… I did find one answer in that search, (the most successful people in the world know something universal that the rest of us don’t know). Wow…epiphany time; finding that one answer was like a red-hot bright/burning coal in the seat of my pants… now, I just had to find out what it was, that most elusive, most powerful & successful secret that only a few people in the world know! I was closer now than I had ever been before in my life and I knew my search that started when I was 14 years old was close to an answer.  I am now in my 40’s and I have finally found the answers I have been searching for most of my life. The most amazing part of my life long adventure has been that the answers to my search were easy to find once I understood they were universal around the world and that in all cultures one common revelation was that the answers were not religious; I know… I said the same thing (not religious). Mark Hamilton and Neothink came into my life at exactly the right time; like I said earlier, a few months more would have been too late for me; I would have been too far, down the wrong road.  When I look back at this past year the miracle that took place in my life was Mark Hamilton. Tears come to my eyes as I think of Mark Hamilton and the mentoring he has given to me through his books and Neothink and the Neothink Society; I have started learning those secrets that build success/wealth/happiness and peace with love that fills your heart/mind. I now know why famous and successful people from around the world are so happy… (Happiness is the meaning of life).
I became a US Marine in 1983 and witnessed some of the worlds most Evil people up-close first- hand; I am very thankful to be alive today; the United States and all of her freedoms are one of the loves in my life. The other love in my life is the honesty/freedom that the TVP Twelve visions party has for everyone here on planet earth and in the United States; our homes, our lives and our futures depend on the freedoms/honesty that the TVP will bring to all of us. We must make freedom/honesty our GOAL. We all recognize that killing and stealing and lies are wrong; so, why do we let the politicians/religious nuts of the world keep doing it to us over and over and over and over and over again… Are we all really that stupid? NO… not anymore; we will change, so that we can be free. Freedom creates prosperity/opportunity everywhere the seed is planted…
Is the Universe fair? Let freedom ring…!
Your advantage

Mr. Mark Hamilton are in the arena of new ideas


In August of 2007 I was wandering around in a wasteland of foggy wilderness.  Although I was retired and had the world by the tail I also knew that all things were not right within me and the world at large.  There were many things that had not gelled within me in order for me to understand why the world was as it was and the why of man’s inhumanity to man.
In that month of that year I received a special letter in the mail from someone offering me resolution of all queries I had of life in general and offering me promises of becoming all I had ever wished to be and to have all that I had ever wanted to have.  IMPOSSIBLE, I thought.  Yet I took the bait all the while knowing that it was too good to be true and you know what they say about something being too good to be true.  It usually is, too good to be true.  
But………..I waited and eventually received the first of what was to become a very treasured book.  Others to follow that all became very treasured by me for the books (Multigenerational Manuscripts they are called now) opened my eyes to another world heretofore unknown to me although I had wondered many times about it and why it was the way it was.  These books revealed to me why man is as he is and why the world is as it is.  But that was only a Primer.  Much more information was revealed in those Manuscripts.  Information that would revolutionize my thinking and create a whole new world for me.  I would state that anyone that has ever read the Manuscripts with an open mind could only come to the conclusion that these Manuscripts state only the truth and are indisputable in their honesty and clarity.
Those books and the letter came from the Neothink Society headed by a brilliant and compassionate man by the name of Mark Hamilton whose only goal is to make this world (whirled) better for all.  Mr. Hamilton has laid it all out for all of us, plain and simple, but yet not really so either.
Mr. Hamilton’s vision for his new and better world (whirled) is indisputable in it’s structure.  Within this structure lies the framework for an honest and joyful world (whirled) wherein all are productive, creative, happy and wealthy beyond their current imaginings.  It is basically, but not all, reduced down to the common denominator of honesty within one’s own self, business, politics and all life in general.
The business paradigm and the Political paradigm of the Twelve Visions Party will ensure that all that wish to be a participant in an honest and productive life will have the opportunity to do so.  The Constitution of these United States with an added provision, The Prime Law, will ensure that the business of this Country, and all Countries, will be ran in an efficient, fair and completely impartial manner without benefit of flaw filled man’s machinations and manipulations running rampant to the detriment of all but themselves and their minions.  No longer will the parasitical elite have control of the masses to the detriment of their lives, spirits and souls.
The Neothink (New way of thinking) Society and Mr. Mark Hamilton are in the arena of new ideas and a new way of thinking and living that will bring productivity, creativity, happiness and wealth to all that care to embrace this revolutionary way of thinking and being.
The Neothink Society has captured my imagination and devotion to the concepts and ideas presented in the Multigenerational Manuscripts and I subscribe to the notion that all that read, understand and implement the principles and ideas espoused therein will be better for it and will wish to help the Neothink Society establish, grow and continue to the erstwhile realization of their ends which is a better, longer, happier and more productive life than the stagnant rut so many of us are/were in.
I should not, but am going to do so anyway, go out on a limb and make the statement that all of us in the Neothink Society that have read, understand and implemented the information gleaned from these truly remarkable books of knowledge could not, even if we so wished, go back to life before the reading of and understanding of this amazing literature.  It is truly life changing for it is so revelatory of where you, and the world (whirled) as a whole is in it’s current state and where it, and you, could be that the vision of that is imprinted so indelibly into your brain that you can not get it out and the striving for that new and wonderful world (whirled) will consume you, change you and take you to heights never before imagined in your present world (whirled).
Mr. Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society, The Multigenerational Manuscripts, The Business Alliance and the Twelve Visions Party can completely revolutionize life as we know it now to take us from our present state of mind numbed roboticism and stagnant rut existence to a new state of reawakening and creative happiness.  I wholeheartedly endorse, embrace and welcome the Visions of the Neothink Society into my world (whirled) and hope you will also.
I do not state lightly that Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society have greatly altered my looking at life picture to what life could be picture.  I am sixty-two years of age and I thought not much could alter my perception or conception of life as it was, and is, until I had the great good fortune of receiveng a special letter in the mail one day that completely changed my conception of the world as it was into what it could be.  The advantages of living life through the Neothink Society concepts make life worth living all over again.  I now wish to live forever so I can enjoy all of life’s great, rich rewards.  Life within the Neothink Society has a special flavor the one’s not so fortunate will never know.  I could only wish those pleasures and joys for all.

Thank you Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society.  I truly feel blessed and am very much pleased that you found me.  I only wish that you could find all.
Chris G

Dear Mark Hamilton


Dear Mark Hamilton,
Knowing full well how even you’re undoubtedly, masterfully orchestrated mini-day schedule is, nonetheless, better served when the tasks/movements being fed into it are kept shorter, rather than otherwise (Michael is constantly reminding us to be respectful of your time), I will attempt to keep this brief.
First, in terms of where I’m coming from philosophically, I must mention Harry Browne‘s How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World.  I read this several decades ago, during a period of time in my life when personal experience had already made it abundantly clear there were something very wrong with the “American dream”.  I was doing those things supposedly quintessential in demonstrating achievement of this “dream”, and I couldn’t have been more miserable.  It was only my heavy involvement in competitive sports kept me from going completely insane.  I don’t know if you’ve read it.  It’s been so many years, too many years; a future task for me is picking up a copy, so I can read it again.  Anyway, in case you haven’t read it, Mr. Browne  zooms in on each one of our country’s primary systems: government, law enforcement, health care, etc., etc., and describes what’s wrong with each one of them and why.  The why always boils down to the fact the individuals in our society have given away their personal responsibility in terms of whom and how these systems are being run.  As I recall, Mr. Browne’s  primary purpose in writing this book was to make people aware of what’s going on; so, they could avoid the pitfalls created by the establishment to take advantage of the fact people just have not done the things needed to protect their individual freedom.
Therefore, while my awareness and understanding of the human condition in this country has been way above the norm, not until I read the three masterpieces written primarily by you and your father, did I realize there truly existed something we, as individuals, could do about it.  So, when I saw via the web there was an opportunity to meet with a group of Society members in the SF Bay Area, I jumped on it.  When the chance to join an A-Team popped up, I jumped on it.  When no one wanted to be team secretary, well… it kind of jumped on me.  And in a large sense due to Otto’s prodding encouragement, I’ve made my way up the TVP ranks — from TVPCA Secretary to Western Regional Co-Coordinator and finally National TVP Secretary; which is quite an honor, and the hallmark achievement in my life so far.
Although my path to this pedestal may have been paved as much by good fortune than any noteworthy degree of expertise, this does not diminish in any way how I feel about it.  As a retired chiropractor, the amount of free time I have has not only allowed me to continue performing key duties on my A-Team, on the TVPCA, and on the National Committee, but also fostered a high degree of synergy between all of them.
Finally, based upon my understanding of the Prime Literature, I’m in complete alignment with the ultimate goal of achieving B.I. for all of mankind and replacing the anti-civilization with the Twelve Visions World.  I believe within the pages of the Prime Literature lies the formula to rescue a world exhibiting far too many signs and symptoms easily, yet disturbingly associated with ultimate disaster.  I also believe the TVP is the way to lift the first of the three anchors, forged by the disease of mysticism, holding us in darkness.  Being co-host of my A-Team’s Sunday Heirloom Review, combined with how I’ve handled my responsibilities up to this point, I hope you know I am quite aware of how the TVP plans on accomplishing the task at hand.  Therefore, I’ll resist the temptation to reproduce all the details (I did say I was going to keep this brief, and I have a hunch I have already stretched to the limit the meaning of that word), and simply close by saying I am completely devoted to everything you and the Society stand for.  You can count on me to remain a proud and stalwart Visionary here in California, doing what I can to recruit others, as we march forward to reach the tipping point before it is too late.
A few nights ago, I had a thought.  I’d like to call it a Vision – a Thirteenth Vision; because it involves the Twelve Visions Party: “The Party That Will Make All the People Rich, Including the Poor”.
My Vision showed me it will do far more than that.  It will take all 12 of the Twelve Visions out of the Prime Literature, and make those Visions a living, breathing part of every conscious being alive on this planet – now and forevermore.
Therefore, the Twelve Visions Anti-Political Party can and will bring instant, true happiness all the time to all the people.
We’ve caught a glimpse of what the NT Warriors can do.  Soon we will see what the TVP, the TV Peacemakers can do.
This transformation will occur one registered TVP voter at a time, one signed TVP Contract at a time, one self-leading Visionary at a time.
So, please, please, I implore you, for your sake, for our sake, for the sake of all humanity, read the Prime Law – the Fundamental of Protection, read the TVP Contract; then, if you sign it and/or register to vote for the TVP, you can rest assured the World is one step closer to becoming the kind of place it was always meant to be.
I’m keeping a list of each person I enlist in this growing movement. I encourage you to do the same.
If I have two people on my list, you have two on yours, and so on, this form of exponential doubling merely needs to happen 17 times and California will have what it needs to put TVP Candidates on the ballot; only nine more times after that to surpass the 50 million tipping point in the US — and, from there, THE WORLD.  
Happiness comes by simply being a part of this greatest of movements.
The same happiness waits for you.

I have to sincerely thank Mark Hamilton


So my whole life I’ve been listening to Adults, Teachers, Church people, PARENTS, Relatives with strong political views and even some devout Muslim acquaintances, and pretty much just giving them the same “Uh Huh” lip service as I never really completely believed, or more than likely even agreed with them. I am 43 years old now and what I BELIEVE is Nobody has the whole ball wrapped up as far as God / Creation is concerned. And furthermore I have noticed the harder persons attempt to install their ideas in you, the less sure they seem to be deep down in their “HONESTY CENTER”, therefore they protect themselves and “their” ideas vigilantly.

Now upon first reading and getting into the Neo Think Society and ideas, I nearly did what all my previous “PEERS” did and started feeling threatened. On noticing this I thought “Ah Hah”, So I kept an open mind and kept absorbing the information
only to find out the people I respected the most had very similar values to what Neo Think is all about.

Therefore I started applying the ideas to see what would happen. Right now where I live construction is definitely slower than it’s been in a long time, and while I’m only a one/two man subcontractor low profile company that does no advertising other than word of mouth. I have had more work than normal, including a recent small contract with the largest landscaping firm in the country, and my clients keep introducing me to or threatening to some huge or very high end customers that I wouldn’t imagine ever working with/for. My wife is happier than ever and even agrees with me when I talk Neothink.

To bottle it up I have to sincerely thank Mark Hamilton and his Neothink Society for one, letting me know my “REBEL” side was just waiting for the right reasoning to come along and make real sense. Secondly for putting Honesty above and ahead of all else, that pretty much says it all. Thirdly for making me notice those inherited / non rational ideas I had floating around in my head still that have actually been holding me back for a lifetime.


Andrew L.

I am amazed everyday by what I learn with Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society.


I am amazed everyday by what I learn with Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society.  I’m still pretty brand new with all of it but it is nothing short of phenomenal.  Things that never quite made sense all of my life, now do.  I am a single mother of two and am considered by others and myself an intelligent person.  After many trials and tribulations that can only be described as stuff you see in the movies, I was struggling with many areas of life.  Mark Hamilton’s literature and the Neothink Society have helped me with all of that and more.  I can’t thank him enough.  The ideas presented are just what everyone needs to at least hear and put thought into.  This world is in quite a crossroads and upheaval.  Anything new is always scary but if viewed with an open mind is very refreshing.  We all need to consider new and refreshing things with an open mind.  That is not only encouraged with Neothink but wanted.  I’m intrigued and excited to continue on this path with Mark Hamilton and the Neothink society and encourage all of anyone to discover it for yourself; and make your own conclusions, don’t allow them to be made for you.  You will be amazed as well.  

Mark Hamilton and his Twelve Visions


As I begin offering my insights into the Neothink Society, I am listening to music in the background and it so happens to be one of my favorite Christmas Hymns; Hark The Harold Angels Sing- announcing the birth of Jesus Christ. I am also sitting in my recliner, where I spent a good portion of my time, these past size years with excruciating back pain due to a work related injury. Needless to say, I went through many degrees of depression, with very little to look forward too!! Back in May, 2009, I received in the mail a 56 page booklet. The booklet was an opportunity for me to make a decision; do I want to continue on the same path I had been on all those years or step out of my stagnation? I chose to begin an exhilarating new journey and never intentionally looking back on the past. I read through the 56 page booklet, at least 4 times, before a very bright light came on; even in a room already full of bright sunlight. The journey continues to this day while moving forward and the happiness I feel is incredible; never ending. Another Gentleman that I have had the privilege of listening too, since my new travels, was speaking about Dreams. I believe he stated that the most important Dream or Goal in life; would be awakening every morning, feeling GREAT!! WOW would that be a fantastic HAPPENING!!
After receiving the first manuscript; an amazing thing happened, my back pain ceased and for the first time in all those years, I was able to crawl back into our waterbed. It was the first time in those six, plus years I was able to lay beside my lovely and beautiful Bride, of now 41 years; that was exhilarating.  I wanted to share a very personal part of my life, because I think it is important for those who read this to understand what the Neothink Society means to me. I am now able, being very careful, to get around without my Cane and Walker.
The freedom has enabled me to become part of a Club House and have the privilege of meeting some very special folks, who have made me feel warmth that usually occurs in our biological families. I have attended three gatherings and each time; the relationships continue to grow. When I went to my first gathering, it was somewhat embarrassing. We had purchased a Garmin, not to long ago and Carol programmed it with the address I thought was the right one and it so happened, it wasn’t and I arrived late. It was a great way to make an entrance; Tom the Mentor of the Club House was very gracious and each member to welcomed me. I was introduce to all of them and a gentleman at the end of the table was the same one I had heard about, at one of the tele-seminars, his name is Wil S and he happens to be a World War II Veteran. We hit it off from the very beginning and have since become brothers. We have met for lunch on one occasion and have spoken on the phone with him quite a few times. I meet with him close to his home and we travel to the Club House meetings together. The amazing thing that has happened in a relativity short time, are many interests, we have in common. I look forward to our relationship continually to grow and to be in his mist often; it has been a great Honor and always will be.
Many of you who are reading this in some cases, may not remember; perhaps one of the best times of your lives; the Joy that came when you were children. When I was growing up, all I was able to listen to, was the Radio. When television first came out, it was in Black and White. Shortly after that, I always enjoyed a series, called the Little Rascals. They had what I believe was the first Club House, known. The members were all shapes, sizes, ages and there were not any colored barriers. They too, were like family and had a place to meet, learning new and exciting things; but most importantly a place to play, as they learned. We and many other Club Houses across this great Republic of ours; these United States of America, have places to congregate; playing while we are learning, but as important, letting our child like creativity open our minds to concepts, we have not used for a very long, long time. The one thing we do not have our Large Sand Boxes in the middle of the floor, where we can build those great Sand Castles, some of us used to build. Our Club Houses are very much like the one back in the time of the Little Rascals; we have all shapes ages, sizes and colors. It is an outstanding opportunity for that child like person within us to come out in each and every one of us; letting us feel young and happy again.
Mark Hamilton has afforded thousands of we in the Neothink Society as well as being an open community, not to stay stagnate; as I was those six years, sitting in my recliner  wondering what the future had to offer. I now know what it is like to dream again like I did when I was a young kid; having these wonderful opportunities to do just that, in the wonderful Club Houses, all across the country. In his writings, Mark has written in depth about men and women, who back in history have accomplished great things and were pioneers, in there own countries. The one young woman who stands out for me was back in the time when France and England were heavily involved in wars; the amazing thing that happened during this time, when that France was greatly out manned by England’s armies, but along comes this 18 year old maiden, by the name of Joan of Ark. She must have loved to play with puzzles while growing up, because she put together piece by piece and formulated a super puzzle; that she first saw in her own mind and then after she put it together, letting her lead the armies of France against England, crushing them, time after time. She had to be the greatest General either Male or Female, ever to lead her Countries Armies. The rest you all, well remember when she was put to death at the age of 21.
There are many men Mark has written about and I have chosen of those, two integrated thinking amazing men who back in the middle to late 1800’s, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone. I do not recall when they met, but their meeting brought to us two of the greatest Super Puzzle builders and integrated thinkers ever, during that time. Henry Ford did invent the Model T Ford, that in itself was fantastic, but after putting together pieces of a Super Puzzle, he came up with the assembly line. The importance of that, was the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Instead of making one car at a time, it enabled he and his company, to build many more automobiles, with the same quality of product. His company was able to turn out literally thousands of automobiles in the first decade. After the assembly line was operating at peak, the average person could then afford to purchase his car, for a lot less money. Another great thing was someone no longer had to follow behind each horse drawn carriage or buggy and pick up the droppings. Down the road was a gentleman, who lived in Akron, Ohio and his name was Harvey Firestone who as a kid was always interested in Chemistry and grew up having chemistry sets in his families basement. Out of that came the beginning of another Super Puzzle; again putting it together piece by piece. He formulated a process called Vulcanizing taking a liquid and turning it into Rubber. It took him quite a while  before he and his company were able to put the final pieces of the Puzzle together, so that Henry Ford was able to put rubber tires on his automobiles. Those tires were Firestone and the company is still in existence today. Those two men, as well a Joan of Ark, accomplish things which we know were part of their childhoods, especially Henry and Harvey.
In closing, I would like to spend a few minutes in regard about Mark Hamilton and his Twelve Visions. If my memory  serves me correctly; he had returned home from a hard day at work. He was tired and went into his study, where it was quiet. He was resting and after a period of time; began building his Super Puzzle, which eventually ended up being his Twelve Visions; each one covering various opportunities for we, as individuals, to make choices for ourselves, as to what kind of person we wanted to become. They teach us, whatever we want in life, whether improving our relationships with families and friends we wanting to become a healthier and a happier person; both inside and out. Most importantly, becoming the person we were meant to be; taking all us back to when we were children; when we had many dreams that we wanted to accomplish and may not have had the opportunity, to do so. After studying his guidelines and putting them into action, there isn’t anything or anyone we cannot do or become.
Out of his Twelve Visions, he has planted additional seeds; so at the grass roots level, the Twelve Visions Party, has begun to blossom. It is unlike the other Political Parties because it is not made up of Politicians. It is and will continue to be made up of business men and women, from across the country; who’s one and only purpose is to follow the Prime Law. I am still learning the Prime Law, so not to miss quote it, I will close by writing it in quotation marks: ” The Fundamental of Protection. The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily. The function of government is to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose. The Prime Law guarantees those conditions by forbidding the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any person or group against any individual, property or contract.

Article 1

No person or persons, or government shall initiate force, threat of force or fraud against any individual’s self property or contract.
Article 2

Force is morally-and-legally justified only for protection from those who violate Article 1

Article 3

No exceptions shall exist for Articles 1 and 2

*The Prime Law  R  is the fundamental natural law of protection( that it directs all decisions and actions of the Twelve Visions Party) is not open to amendment or change.”

The basis of the Prime Law come from Socrates who back 2400 years ago suggested to the Society; they must live  the Rule of Law and it must be flawless. The Twelve Visions Party is held up by two distinct Pillars; the Prime Law for Protection and the Protection – Only Budget. To end my testimonial without mentioning the TVP Platform would not make this complete. The main purpose of the Platform is; “to Make all the People Rich, Including the Poor”. I have only read parts of it and it is beyond one imagination. To visualize that happening would be the greatest accomplishment, ever to happen and in time, it will happen.  

Finally many times on the Radio a question is often asked; if I would have a choice to asked any one in History or Present to have dinner with them in our home, whom would it be? Without hesitation, Mark Hamilton would be at the top of that list of Guests. It would have to be a long dinner; more than a Five Course Meal; how would it be possible to encapsulate 35 years of dedication, at one Sitting? What an honor and privilege it would be, just to share in a small part of it.
Thank You Mark Hamilton
Maurice B.

July 2010
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