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Twelve Visions Party To The Rescue!


Thank you Mark Hamilton for starting the Twelve Visions Party. I am so glad to be a part of something so life changing and wonderful.

This country needs a new political party that is For the people and By the people more than ever! The TVP is finally the cure to the corruption and abuse coming from Washington. Finally We, the people have a voice to represent us.

Thank you Mark Hamilton and TVP!

Jeff Smith

Value Creation Flows


My orientation on value creation took a major shift last night after reading more of Mark Hamilton’s incredible Multigenerational Manuscript! I decided right then and there that I HAD to do something that was valuable, and I HAD to offer it to others at a price LESS than it was actually worth! You should have seen the excitement when I showed what I had done to my web development client! She is THRILLED! And I feel INCREDIBLE! I am learning so much from this experience! And it was Mark Hamilton’s writings that inspired me to trade in my TV time for my creative passion! I can hardly wait to get back to building that incredible website and learning all of the new tools that I’m discovering!

Mark Hamilton, you really have created a master-piece! Your writings are the most motivating and inspiring that I have ever read!

Yon Cole

My Self Capture


Rick Mabe’s Testimonial

I felt defeated, I felt confused, I felt betrayed, I felt abused, and I felt anger. These are the feelings that have been a part of my life for many years. I felt defeated because I could never get ahead. I felt confused by the hypocrites telling me how I should live, but not living that way themselves. I felt betrayed by the promises of eternal happiness and prosperity that our political and religious leaders guaranteed and never happened. I felt abused by the powerful elite who keep sucking the life blood out of me to further their own wealth and happiness. I felt anger toward all of these people who have cheated their way to control and never deliver any value to me or you.

Then a letter came, I ordered some literature and I was introduced to a new life paradigm by a man named Mark Hamilton. It became clear to me right away that here was a man who has spent his entire life understanding the way people tick and what makes them do the things they do. Mr. Hamilton opened his heart and discoveries to those of us who were willing to see another point of view; an Honesty based system for successful living. This other point of view is called Neothink®. With mentoring from Mr. Hamilton I have taught myself how to open my inner workings and discover who I am meant to be. I discovered my passion for business and I am pursuing that essence with all my heart. I understand that success is not measured by my intellect but by my passion for what I do. It is measured by my discipline, thought and control of my life and my actions. I also have learned to see through the illusions that our current leaders have created to lull all of us into a death trap of stagnation and disease. I have learned that I am in control of my life and that there is no mystical entity charting the path I take.

I am one of Mr. Hamilton’s 300, chosen to take my new understanding to all people. I am on a quest of awakening for myself and all other humans. It is an enormous task and requires clear thinking and understanding every step of the way. The first step is to understand and accept the one-ness, the I-ness that is you. The next step is to integrate that understanding into your daily life using the tools and processes outlined by Mr. Hamilton in the literature. You must begin to plan your life from what you learn of yourself. This is what I am doing now. We all must change the way we live and think about living and dying. That is the first step in Neothink®. Mr. Hamilton has guided me to that understanding through honest and pure love interaction with me! I am now doing what he has done by replicating his processes to share with others.

Next, in order for us to live freely and to guarantee that humans live a prosperous and happy life, we must change the way our government is being run. We must find a way to take control away from the self-serving politicians. This task requires that we agree to one basic fact; government’s only purpose is to provide the conditions by which individuals can fulfill their purpose to prosper and live happily. Mr. Hamilton has established a new party to cultivate that change. It is called the Twelve Visions Party® (TVP®). When I attended the TVP® convention in July as a delegate from Virginia, I was stunned and then elated by what the bylaws of the TVP® are promising. Those bylaws make it perfectly clear that our government should and will be run like an honest and value-creating business. Being selected to serve in our new government will not be determined by elections whose outcomes are a result of how much money you spend on campaigns and by the lies woven into promises that never come true, but by your PERFORMANCE. You will be asked to serve our government as a person who has demonstrated your capability to be honest and deliver the values you promise to deliver. Only Mr. Hamilton could have come up with such a near perfect model for our government. Imagine, as I have, a government made up of a CEO and board of directors who have a real stake in the outcome of honest governance. This is a 180 degree turn from our career politicians who use lies and promises to steal millions and billions of dollars from you, the citizens to fulfill their own get rich and stay rich schemes based on lies and deceptions. And imagine, as I have, the profit potential for all Americans who invest in our new government model. We are all very familiar with the billions of dollars in bailout money taken from us to save the banks and big auto manufacturers. You may also recall that we were told that our bailout money was an investment in the banks and auto makers. Here is a question that uncovers our hoax based government in its most infectious state, “If the bail out of our banks was funded by investments of money taken from us, its citizens, where are my stock shares in those banks?” Have you received stock certificates as evidence of your investment? What about the bailout of GM and Chrysler? Where are my shares in those companies? Only by making the fundamental changes in our current government that Mark Hamilton has suggested can we hope to regain our freedom as honest humans living our dreams.

Using the tools and processes given to us by Mr. Hamilton, I have used my essence to establish a Neothink® Business Alliance to provide a value to business owners who want to use their new understanding to build Honest and Pure Love businesses; to create and share real value without the need to lie and cheat their way to success. This alliance is building honest relationships between its members. It is establishing scientific, artistic, business and professional “think tanks” or master mind groups to uncover the basic Neothink® bullets of business and to use those illusion busting bullets to out compete Anti-civilization businesses. Every business that is a member of The Alliance is contributing to The Twelve Visions Party® to help elect Neothink®/TVP® humans into our government.
In conclusion, what Mark Hamilton has brought to the table is a super puzzle of integrated values designed to free humans to regain their dignity and I-ness. Mr. Hamilton is an honest and pure love human who I love and accept as a dear friend. Is it so wrong for a human being to want all his human brothers and sisters to be happy and prosper? This man has presented himself to us knowing the dangers that await him from the leaders who continue to cheat us out of our dreams and who will do anything to stay in control. He simply wants all humans to live freely and prosper and he has shared his thoughts with all who are willing to see through to the essence of being a human. I want to invite every human to do as I have done and give Neothink® and Mark Hamilton a chance to open your mind to who you are and what you are capable of. Do not continue to tread water in an environment designed for your failure. Take a stand and take control of your life and help us to make the changes that we must make to ensure our survival as a human race. Do not let our current leaders continue to drain your life away with taxes, social programs and government controlled industries. The current government controls our banks, major industries and is about to take control of the health care industry. If we let that happen we are doomed. We must support Mark Hamilton and The Twelve Visions Party®.

Thank You,

Richard E. Mabe
A Neothink® Man

A Different Way of Thinking


When you are in a proper state of mind, you are capable of solving any problem and achieving all that is important to you. Neothink is a way of thinking properly. Hard thinking is rarely done by the average person as they are too distracted by the massive media society that we live in. Open your mind to the possibilities. If you say you can’t achieve something you are right. If you open your mind to the possibilities, and do the hard thinking that is necessary, your subconscious mind will become your best Allie. A type of meditation, or visualization, that allows your inner power to help you with solutions. There is something magical about proper thinking and the positive effect it will have on your life.. You become what you think about!!!!

The time for the TVP® is NOW!

 “Once we recognize and remove from politics and law the inherent problem of man – flaw-filled creatures easily influenced by power and money – then we will quickly rise into a wealthy world…even the poor will rise.
Ruling-class power must be taken out of the hands of man. Freedom and prosperity throughout history suffered when man created, interpreted, and executed the law. On the other hand, freedom and prosperity throughout history soared when man was removed from the political and bureaucratic controls. Our own country soared when we largely removed the rule of man (ie., removed a monarch with our U.S. Constitution).
To complete the evolution into universal prosperity, the power of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches must be taken away from the opinions and agendas of flaw-filled man and put into a flawless Prime Law®.
Man is an easily influenced, easily corrupted creature. Therefore the laws that govern man (ie., protect man) must be free of man. The only way to free man is to reduce the law to its essence. Once at the fundamental nature of something there is no going deeper. All opinions, agendas, illusions, dishonesties and corruption – all of mans faults – no longer matter. The fundamental nature stands unchanged, unscathed, unconditional, uncorrupted…plain for all to see and know, which is the nature of the Prime Law®.
Indeed, the fundamental, biological nature of protection is captured in the Prime Law®, which supersedes all law. The Prime Law® removes man – including all the smart law- school graduates – from the decision-making process of law. Law leaps to another level altogether, for the first time completely free of man.
The Prime Law® determines the creation or lack of creation of new laws, not man with his endless opinions, agendas and faults. The fundamentals of protection – Prime Law® – determines the interpretation of laws, not man with his endless egos, selfish ambitions, and many human flaws. The Prime Law® determines the execution and enforcement of laws, not man who is drawn to intoxicating power, rampant dishonesty, and a capacity for evil.
When the Prime Law® removes man from creating, interpreting, and executing law, something amazing happens: the heavy and corrupt ruling-class of man comes off society. In that new freedom, society and technology will soar. A Great Technological Revolution takes off and causes our buying power to multiply a hundred fold, maybe more, making everyone rich, including the poor! *
Let us now introduce a new grassroots political party with the sole objective to remove man from creating, interpreting, and executing law in order to make all people wealthy, including the poor.

The name of this new political party that removes man from governing – removes the corrupt ruling class – is the Twelve Visions Party® (TVP®).
* © 2009Mark Hamilton

Mark Hamilton’s Chaos cure


Our countries’ and most other political systems worldwide, are approaching chaos. A new, honest and effective, reality based approach is needed. The Neothink® Societies, Twelve Visions® movement, created by Mark Hamilton, is the only achievable way myself, my family, my country and eventually the entire world can progress out of the present quagmire we are in. To improve my life and the lives of all Americans and eventually all honest people living on our planet, we need to change not only our dishonest leaders but our failing political system. The Twelve Visions Party® arm of The Neothink® Society, founded by Mark Hamilton, is the vehicle to achieve this needed, reality based honest change… Accordingly, I and other Neothink® Society members believe and will actively work towards achieving, through the Twelve Visions® Party, the one and ONLY valid purpose of government… PROTECTION… against initiatory force, coercion and fraud. More info ? see

My lifes story


As I grew up in the 60’s religion was a big part of my family life. Growing up in an old school Portuguese environment. Bible study on Saturday and church on Sunday. As I reached my teen years I started to rebel. Bad friends drugs and running wild became the norm. Then I decided to join the Marines in 1972.That helped me to grow up some more and help me to become a self leader. Then in 1973. I got married and was blessed with two beautiful children. Even though we married for the wrong reasons. We stood together for 19 long years. And in 1993 I found myself divorced. By the time the first Christmas without my family came I was a Heroin & Cocaine smoking snorting Addict Alcoholic Pot smoking fiend. Trying to kill myself during that first Christmas without my family. But some how I found away to see myself in the mirror for the first time in my life. I realized I need to do something before my children looses their father. So I had to self teach myself how to love myself all over again. Which in turn taught me how to respect myself. And let me tell you that wasn’t an easy task to do in fact it was the hardest thing I ever done in my life. And in the process of going through all that. I started to do searches on the computer for a better way because what I was doing was going nowhere fast. Then out of the blue I got a white envelope with red strips on it from some unknown. I opened it and read it. The letter was from Mark Hamilton. And let me tell you that insignificant letter changed my whole life by changing my way of thinking. I quickly read all the letters that were sent to me. An I bought all the multigenerational manuscripts. I gained knowledge I never knew existed. And that knowledge I’m speaking of has value unrivaled to any knowledge that I gather in the past. That knowledge has turned me from a follower into a self leader once again. I may not be financially rich yet. But that will come no doubt in my mind it will come. I am rich with an amazing array of knowledge. And because of all that knowledge. I’m now a member of the Neothink Society. I just became a New NTWarrior. And I honestly support and believe in the TVP. For our country need this TVP so we can Escape this AC we find ourselves in now that seems to be getting worst by the seconds. Things need to change have to change and must change not just for us but for our children and our children’s children and beyond.
A special Thanks to Mark Hamilton. And to all my Neothinking Brothers and Sisters of the Neothink Society.

World Freedom and Peace through Mark Hamilton and The Twelve Vision Party


I always feel blessed to be discovered by Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society. At times I sit back to imagine where I would have been today without the valuable helps that Mark Hamilton and Neothink Society have blessed me with. If only Americans will realize and understand the visions of Mark Hamilton and the Twelve vision party, I hope total peace will be realized in America first and the world as a world. The Twelve Vision Party is as I can imagine the party that will empower very Americans to realize their full potentials of who they are meant to be as its principles as taught me by Mr Hamilton have empowered me to realized my full potential in achieving what ever I want and wish for in life. I have been with neothink society since 2006 and have learned a lot and still learning and can honestly say the journey have been a truly life changing for the better. I have the opportunity to know and understand what neothink and Mark Hamilton is offering the world. A valuable knowledge that have given me total peace and love for my fellow human beings irrespective of their race, nationality or culture. This peace within I can realized is all that others also feel when ever they are around me. I feel respected and loved every where I go. I have realized self responsibly of my own well being as every day turn to be always very exciting full of what is lined up for me to accomplish. I will encourage everyone who will have the chance to be invited in knowing about neothink should find him or herself blessed and to grab the opportunity with both hands. I was lucky and thank God I didn’t missed the chance you may be next to experience a true life changing knowledge with the Neothink Society, Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Vision Party

Loving Life.


My life sucked up until 3 years ago, when I received my first letter from Mark Hamilton. He told me that I was special, I was thinking ya right…but come to find out we are all special in our own unique way. You just have to find out what you love doing in life. Then once you do find out… The you to, will be special.
Everybody has a special unique talent in life, but most people never find out because they all live in this Anti-Civilization, having to live pay check to pay check, in the same boring routine-rut, trying to make ends meat, so that we can support our families, and because of this economy we can never get ahead in life. But once you read Mark Hamilton’s multi general manuscripts. It will pull you out of your stagnation traps, and pull you into a life of exhilaration, you will be in a whole new different world all together, not to mention a whole new way of thinking. You become happier, Healthier, and Wealthier. You will start loving life once again. Order our book.
Wealth, Health, Peace. Hurry while supplies last. 1-888-859-6859.
Thank You Mark Hamilton for every thing you do for this country. We all love you.
Michelle Anderson.

Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party


Back in July of 2009, I received my invitation to receive the manuals from Mark Hamilton. I, like others, have seen and have been approached with offers like this that seemed too good to be true. However, this was a little different. The letter felt like it was written to me and not just a form letter. So I responded and received the package. I have to say, I have long held the same belief’s as the
Twelve Vision Party and thanks to Mark, I know there are others out there who have the same belief’s and truly want to make a positive difference. I worked for a national company several years ago who I felt was taking advantage of people. People, who were financially challenged. Through the time that I worked for this company, I came to realize that there was a circle going on. One where these people were taking advantage of a program designed to help them, and the circle continued as the company took advantage of these people. When I really understood what was happening, I had to leave the company so that I wasn’t part of the problem. I really hope that more people will start seeing what is really going on in this country and become part of the solution and not the problem.

July 2010
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