My name is Andrew Y, and for many years my life has been pretty stagnant. My life was the same routine; work school and family. There was very little to speak of in romance and relationships. Money was fairly tight, my education was my only outlet to any socialization; other social outlets were internet sites, but that eventually came to just interacting with people who were not honest and open-minded.   Three years ago, I received a pamphlet by Neothink; I did read it. I was a little skeptical but the information was very different than anything i read before; information based on reasoning and common sense that all fit together. I was very interested. I bought all three multigenerational manuscripts. Little did i know the material would have a big effect on my life. I always thought of myself as a hard worker and i love to help people, but not in such grand scale. I in the past two years, my life has improved a lot. I moved up in the company i work for, i am a lot more confident and my self esteem has improved. Now i have the knowledge and the ability to improve even more, also to help more people. Neothink is what i have been looking for in my life.  With the Twelve Visions Party, everybody’s life will improve.


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